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A note about the longest run record:

When I began this project of posting the school records and record-breaking coverage online in the fall of 2008, the record sheet I got from the school listed the record for "longest run from scrimmage" and "longest touchdown from scrimmage" simply as "96 yds. Kucera 1969."

The only Kucera playing varsity football in 1969 would have been Randy Kucera, as a junior. After looking through old Eagles and accounting for every touchdown of 1969, I found no record of a 96-yard touchdown by anybody, and also noticed that Randy Kucera rarely played offense. I even called Randy and he told me he didn't remember scoring a 96-yard touchdown, and that's something he would probably remember. He suggested that it was probably one of his brothers, Greg (class of '68) or Lindsay ('73). I looked through the newspaper accounts covering Greg and Lindsay and both scored plenty of touchdowns, but I became pretty confident that no Kucera brother ever scored a 96-yard touchdown. The closest I found was an 89-yard touchdown run by Greg Kucera as a junior in 1966.

So I have changed the record to 89 yards by Greg in 1966. If anyone has any different ideas, please let me know. How did the NBC record book come to list "96 yds. Kucera 1969"? The world may never know.

- Nathan Arneal

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