North Bend Eagle



The Eagle is North Bend’s oldest continuously operating business, with its first issue being published on Nov. 4, 1897.

Forerunners of the Eagle

Eight newspapers were published in North Bend before the Eagle came along. The earliest was the Independent, which began publication in 1879 by the local physician, Dr. Elwood. At the time, North Bend's population was 45 people. Elwood's Independent lasted two years, but there were plenty of aspiring journalists ready to take its place. Other early newspapers in North Bend include the Bulletin (1881-1882), Flail (1882-1888), Journal (1885-1886), Protector (1888-1889), Star (1889-1892), Argus (1890-1897) and Republican (1892-1897).

Eagle Publishers
  • 1897-1899: J.C. Newsom & C.S. Fowler
  • 1899-1948: J.C. Newsom 
  • 1948-1951: Henry E. Williams
  • 1955-1955: J.L. Webster
  • 1956: Mrs. J.L. Webster
  • 1956-1969: Dennis Young
  • 1960-1964: Robert H. & Mary Ostdiek
  • 1964-1970: Kenneth Lockwood
  • 1970-1976: Richard & Vona Van Cleef
  • 1976-1995: Lois & Fred Lambley
  • 1995-1997: Chris & Cheryl Chebuhar
  • 1997-2006: Cheryl Chebuhar Sudbeck
  • 2006-present: Nathan Arneal

It was relatively cheap to start a newspaper in those days. A printing press good enough to do the job could be had for between $500 and $1,000. However, it took money to keep a paper going, and most of these early ventures folded (pun intended) because of a lack of financial support. Papers moved on for various other reasons, too. The Flail publisher, C.W. Hyatt, moved his paper to Fremont looking for a broader audience, although he only lasted a few years in Fremont anyway. The Star was destroyed in a 1892 fire and editor Rod Smith decided not to revive it.

The Eagle is hatched

On Nov. 1, 1897 two North Bend newspapers, the North Bend Argus and the North Bend Republican, consolidated and the new venture was called the North Bend Eagle.

Charles S. Fowler, publisher of the Argus, and publisher Joseph C. Newsom of the Republican served as co-publishers. A year and a half later, Newsom borrowed $1,600 and bought out Fowler’s share to become the sole owner and publisher of the Eagle. Newsom spent 50 years at the helm of the Eagle, finally selling the paper to Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Williams in 1948.

Eagle flies under different flags

The Eagle's original flag, the printed name and logo of the newspaper at the top of page one, is displayed at the top of this page. It was used from November 1897 until July 1929. Shown below are the flags that followed:

Eagle 29-51

July 1929 - Nov. 1951: The second Eagle flag used a different typeface and lost the period.

Eagle 51-59
Dec. 1951 - Sept. 1959: The next incarnation of the Eagle flag was still all text, but took on a bolder look.
Eagle 59-71
Sept. 1959 - March 1971: The next flag used the same typeface, but for the first time an image of an eagle was added. The stamp used to print this image is currently on display in the Eagle front office.
Eagle 71-74
April 1971 - Nov. 1974: This version of the flag was sometimes rearranged inside a box with the words 'North Bend' above and the picture and word 'Eagle' below.
Eagle 71-82
Nov. 1971 - Sept. 1982: The shadow Eagle looked right at home on the top of page one during the '70s.
Eagle 92-95
Oct. 1982 - Dec. 1995: The swooping eagle, who still watches over the inside pages of the Eagle today, made its debut in 1982. From Oct. '82 through Feb. '84, the words 'North Bend Eagle' appeared at the top of the page with a large swooping eagle under it. In Feb. 1984, the design was rearranged into what you see to the left.
NBE 95-06
Dec. 1995 - May 2006: In 1995 the swooping eagle moved over and made room for a more dynamic 'North Bend Eagle.'
Eagle 60-now
June 2006 - present: The screamin' Eagle began roosting on page one when current publisher Nathan Arneal bought the paper.