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Record History: Single-game rushing yards

Andrew Minarick

Current Record Holder:

Andrew Minarick, 386 yards
August 30, 2013, at Homer

It took 43 years to improve the NBC rushing record by a single yard, the just a few years for Andrew Minarick to blow it out of the water. The senior quarterback sprinted for 75 and 60 yards in the first four plays of the game against the Homer Knights. He ended the first quarter with 176 yards rushing. He ended the night with 386 yards on 33 attempts, good for 11.7 yards per rush. He also score five touchdowns in the game.

Previous record holders:

255- Sam Lowe, Oct. 15, 2010 vs Fort Calhoun
254- Greg Kucera, Nov. 3, 1967 vs. Valley
252- Greg Kucera, Sept. 8, 1967 vs. Lyons
225- Greg Kucera, Nov. 4, 1966 vs. Valley

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