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Board gets updates on construction

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 10/23/13

Construction news was a big part of the North Bend Central Public Schools Board of Education meeting October 14. Bob Soukup, an architect with Carlson West Povondra, told the board about problems incurred when digging the footings.

After digging three feet, bad soil conditions were still evident. After conferring with NBCPS superintendent Dan Endorf, Soukup had the contractor use fabric to stabilize the earth. It cost $5,000 more, but is half the cost of continuing to dig with no guarantee of reaching stable earth.

The board discussed how to handle future change orders in the construction. It was decided that if the change was time sensitive that Soukup could go through Endorf for approval. If the change was expensive and not time sensitive, the board or the construction consultant would be included in the decision making.

It was requested that a sewer and water line be laid out to the area were a future ticket stand/concession stand/rest rooms building for the softball and football field might stand. The board decided to create a manhole where the lines could be accessed during future construction. There is no plan to build such a building any time soon, but the need for such a facility has been discussed.

The board spent a great deal of time discussing bleachers. Bids were received from three companies. Five different options were discussed, each with a different combinations of bleachers for the new competitive high school gym only, the existing gym, or the new elementary multi-purpose room. References were checked from the three companies and one was eliminated. Samples and presentations were received from two companies. Board members Jeff Peters and Gary Vyhlidahl attended the presentations and shared information.

A few board members aksed if the existing gym would be used that much with the new competitive gym handling most events. NBC activities director Tony Allgood said that the existing gym will still be used nearly every basketball game to host junior varsity games. He also said both gyms would be used when hosting tournaments.

The board finally voted to have Heartland Seating of Kansas City put new bleachers in all three gyms for $222,937.

Allgood addressed the board on the possibility of moving fall softball to summer and having schools sponsor baseball in the summer.

In other business, the board:

• agreed to participate in the Nebraska Whole Child Project to solicit private sector funds that will be used to help schools collect fitness data.

• heard that this is the last year for the preschool grant.

• accepted the resignation of para Jessica Kingston, effective at the end of the first semester.

The next meeting will be November 11 at 7:30 p.m.

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