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Al's Repair opening in North Bend.
After a 7-year hiatus, Al Wochnick has brought his automotive repair shop back to North Bend.

Al's Repair returns to North Bend

by Nathan Arneal
Published 6/12/13

After a few years of turning wrenches in Saunders County, Al Wochnick has brought his repair shop back to North Bend.

Al’s Repair has been open since May 1 in the Hunke Oil station on west Highway 30 in North Bend.

Wochnick got his mechanical start working for Pollard Implement and Urkoski Repair in North Bend. In the mid ‘90s he struck out on his own, with his auto repair shop eventually occupying the same space it currently does.

Seven years ago, Wochnick opted for a change of scenery and joined the staff at Kubik Repair in Prague.

By January of this year, he had decided to make the move back to North Bend.

“A lot of people hounded me to come back,” Wochnick said. “The school, with the busses, wanted me in town. It was a lot of hassle for me too, running (the busses) back and forth to Prague. I can give them a little better service if I’m here in town.”

He didn’t quite know where he would locate his shop yet, but that changed during brief talk with Mike Hunke, who owns the site of his former North Bend repair shop.

“It was about a two minute conversation and we shook hands,” Wochnick said. “I said I’d be here May 1.”

Nick Odvody, who worked with Wochnick in Prague, came along as a part-time mechanic.

Al’s Repair handles all kinds of major and minor automotive repairs, including transmission, driveline, brake and air conditioner repairs. The shop is also fully equipped to handle computer diagnostics for both foreign and domestic vehicles.

Wochnick said the shop has enjoyed steady business since returning to North Bend.

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