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Knights No. 1 in the EHC

Updated 10/29/09
by Nathan Arneal

When Nebraska high school football went to state scheduling and district play in 2000, conference football went out the window, but brings some of the EHC flavor back with its East Husker Conference football ratings.

Like last year, the East Husker has two teams playing 8-man football. Since there's no way to compare 8-man and 11-man teams, the 8-man teams will get separated from the rest.

The ratings are based on strength of schedule, comparative scores, and of course, head-to-head games when available. The final ratings of the year will be used to figure the East Husker All-Sports champion at the end of the school year.

Out of the 10 football teams in the East Husker Conference, only three of them qualified for the playoffs in their respective classes: Wisner-Pilger in C-1, and Oakland-Craig and Stanton in C-2. That's doesn't speak well for the East Husker, considering a majority of the teams in each class make the playoffs. Three of the five Class C-1 teams in the EHC ranked in the bottom four of the class, according to NSAA power points.

The Eagle's 2009 East Husker Conference football rankings:

1. Oakland-Craig 7-1 Class C-2

Oakland-Craig finished the regular season with a 7-1 record, which includes wins against EHC foes Stanton (13-6) and Scribner-Snyder (29-15). The Knights also knocked off a couple of 6-2 teams in beating Bergan (21-12) and Creighton (27-15).

2. Stanton 5-3 Class C-2

Stanton is the clear choice for the EHC's No. 2 team, considering its close loss to Oakland-Craig (13-6) and wins over Wisner-Pilger (who beat all the C-1 teams in the EHC) and Scribner-Snyder. All three of the Mustangs' losses came to teams with a 6-2 record or better.

3. Wisner-Piilger 5-3 Class C-1
The Gators are a solid No. 3 team. They played more EHC teams that any other team in the conference, going 4-1 with wins over all the other Class C-1 teams in the conference. They beat North Bend (36-6), Logan View (39-6), Tekamah-Herman (14-6) and West Point-Beemer (33-14). Their lone in-conference loss was to Stanton (18-0), who in turn lost to Oakland-Craig. The Gators other two regular season losses came at the hands of 7-1 Crofton (30-6) and 8-0 Norfolk Catholic (38-8).
4. Tekamah-Herman 4-4 Class C-1
This is the highest ranking the Tigers have achieved in the three-year history of the Eagle's EHC rankings. The purple Tigers went 3-1 against EHC teams with shutout wins against Logan View (26-0), West Point-Beemer (21-0) and North Bend (23-0) in consecutive weeks. Their EHC loss came to Wisner-Pilger, but it was close at 14-6. They also lost to Crofton (35-6) by a similar score to Wisner-Pilger's. All of T-H's losses came to teams with winning records.
5. Scribner-Snyder 2-6 Class C-2
The Trojans were a tough team to rate compared to the three C-1 teams below them. The Trojans get points for playing respectable in losses to Oakland-Craig (29-15) and Stanton (20-7). They also played a tougher schedule than the three teams below them. Scribner-Snyder's losses came to teams with a combined winning percentage of .677, while their wins came against teams with a combined winning percentage of .188.
6. Logan View 2-6 Class C-1
Logan View jumps up a couple of spots from its mid-season rating thanks to wins over West Point-Beemer (28-7) and North Bend (32-7). The Raiders fall below Scribner-Snyder because of some of its bad losses, including losses that gave D.C. West and Raymond Central their only wins of the year. Logan View lost to teams with a combined winning percentage of .459, and beat teams with a combined winning percentage of .063.
7. North Bend Central 1-7 Class C-1
North Bend's lone win came over West Point-Beemer (14-13). They also lost to Logan View (32-7), Tekamah-Herman (23-0) and Wisner-Pilger (36-6). NBC failed to score in four of its games and ended the year with five total touchdowns. Three of which game against West Point-Beemer and Logan View.
8. West Point-Beemer 0-8 Class C-1

Just two years after finishing atop the Eagle's EHC ratings, the Cadets find themselves in the cellar. They gave North Bend its only win of the year and were also shutout in four games. They also lost to Logan View (28-7), Wisner-Pilger (33-14), and Tekamah-Herman (21-0).


8-man EHC rankings

1. Pender 1-7 Class D-1
The Pendragons became the undisputed kings of 8-man football in the EHC with a convincing 40-0 win over Lyons-Decatur. The next closest thing the Dragons had to a win was a 14-point loss to Emerson-Hubbard.
2. Lyons-Decatur 1-7 Class D-1
Lyons-Decatur will be the EHC's 8-man runner-up and cellar team after a 40-0 loss to Pender. The Cougars' lone win was a 36-16 victory over 2-6 Mead.

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