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Mustangs top final 2008 conference rankings

by Nathan Arneal

When Nebraska high school football went to state scheduling and district play in 2000, conference football went out the window, but brings some of the EHC flavor back with its East Husker Conference football ratings.

This season also marks the first time that the East Husker has had teams playing 8-man football. Since there's no way to compare 8-man and 11-man teams, the 8-man teams will get separated from the rest.

The ratings are based on strength of schedule, comparative scores, and of course, head-to-head games when available. The final ratings of the year will be used to figure the East Husker All-Sports champion at the end of the school year.

Overall, 2008 was another weak year for the East Husker, with only two of its 10 teams producing winning records. Some if its teams were among the very worst in the state. However, behind the sparkling season of 2008's mythical conference champion Stanton, the EHC had a pretty decent middle class with four teams finishing within a game of .500. Three of its teams, Wisner-Pilger, North Bend and West Point-Beemer, tied for the district C1-4 title, with NBC taking the crown on a tiebreaker.

The Eagle's final 2008 East Husker Conference football rankings:

1. Stanton 10-1 Class C-2

The Mustangs were an easy choice as the 2008 mythical EHC champion after putting together an undefeated 8-0 regular season and earning the No. 1 playoff seed in the east. They won their games by an average of 22.5 points, and made it to the C-2 state quarterfinals before losing to eventual runner-up Bergan (a team Stanton beat 50-25 in the regular season). They finished Np. 3 in the Lincoln Journal Star Class C-2 ratings. They went 3-0 against conference teams with wins over Wisner-Pilger (48-20), Oakland-Craig (13-7) and Scribner-Snyder (34-14).

2. North Bend 5-4 Class C-1
North Bend finished in a three-way tie for the C1-4 district championship with West Point-Beemer and Wisner-Pilger, but were awarded the title on a tie breaker. The Tigers also earn the nod for second if you look at how those three teams were playing at the end of the season: West Point soundly beat Wisner-Pilger 42-14 in the final week of the regular season. A week earlier, North Bend stomped West Point 28-0. NBC was 3-1 against East Husker teams, beating Tekamah-Herman (48-12), West Point-Beemer (28-0) and Logan View (42-6) and losing to Wisner-Pilger (20-6).
3. Oakland-Craig 4-5 Class C-2
A tougher decision than picking the top Class C-1 team in the EHC, was figuring out who should be No. 2 overall, North Bend or Oakland-Craig. North Bend gets the nod for beating teams with a .225 winning percentage (nine wins), while the Knights' wins came against teams with a .125 winning percentage (four wins). North Bend also gets credit for putting up a winning record against C-1 competition. One of the biggest feathers in O-C's cap was actually a loss. They gave Stanton its closest regular season game in a 13-7 defeat. Earlier in the year Stanton had beat Wisner-Pilger 48-20. The Knights were 1-1 again EHC teams, including a 34-14 win over Scribner-Snyder.
4. West Point-Beemer 4-4 Class C-1
West Point's surprising 42-14 domination of Wisner-Pilger in the final game of the season puts them ahead of the Gators. A 28-0 loss to North Bend the previous week keeps them behind the Tigers. WPB was 3-1 against the EHC, with wins against Logan View (53-20) and Tekamah-Herman (34-7) accounting for the other two games.
5. Wisner-Pilger 4-4 Class C-1
The Gators tumble from No. 3 to No. 5 after losing 42-14 to West Point. Yes, Wisner beat North Bend in week 4, but with North Bend's 28-0 win over West Point in week 7, it's clear that the Tigers were playing better football by the end of the season. Wisner also struggled in beating Tekamah 21-7 in week 7, a team which North Bend had beaten 48-12 the previous week. The Gators managed to sneak in as the 32nd team into the playoffs, though.
6. Scribner-Snyder 2-6 Class C-2
The Trojans ended the year with a 52-7 loss to Oakland-Craig. Their only wins came over 0-8 Neligh-Oakdale and 2-6 Yutan, but S-S stayed competitive in several games against top competition, which is more than can be said for the teams below them.
7. Tekamah-Herman 2-6 Class C-1
The purple Tigers doubled their win total with a 14-7 win over 0-8 Arlington in the final week of the season. Their 17-14 overtime win over Logan View keeps them ahead of the Raiders. T-H was 1-3 against the EHC.
8. Logan View 1-7 Class C-1
LV's one win came against 0-8 Arlington. The Raiders went 0-4 against EHC competition this season.


8-man EHC rankings

1. Lyons-Decatur 3-5 Class D-1
The Cougars became the undisputed kings of 8-man football in the EHC with a 46-40 win over Pender. The Cougars end the year with a trio of wins coming against teams with a combined 2-22 records.
2. Pender 1-7 Class D-1
Pender ended its season on a high note, with a 46-16 win against 1-7 Humphrey.

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