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cutting ribbon on trail


Bob Feurer cuts the ribbon officially opening the first part of the trails through North Bend Arboretum. Watching the ceremony were (from left) trail architect Bob Soukup, Pat Beebe, Tom Wolf, Deanna Wolf, Twila Flamme, Jim Havelka, Feurer, Tree Board members John Wilson, Robin Widhlem and Julie Kelberlau.

Phase one of trail system officially opened

by Mary Le Arneal
published 8/22/07

With a quick snip of a pair of pruning shears, Bob Feurer cut a ribbon officially opening the first section of the North Bend Arboretum Trail Saturday morning.

The pavement from the North Bend Central High School stadium parking lot to the bleachers, with connecting cement paths to the track and rest rooms, was completed recently and is the first installment of what Feurer said will give the community greater accessibility to the arboretum.

“We’re off to a great start,” Feurer said. “People need to see something happening with their money. This is just the beginning.”

paved to staduim
Phase one of the pavement project connects the NBC stadium, restrooms and track to the parking lot. The 8-foot wide concrete path is the same for what is planned for the rest of the arboretum trails.

Feurer said the eight-foot wide concrete entry path is the most expensive part of the trail. It is thicker because of the amount of traffic it will handle. NBC contributed to the project, paying for the approach to the track and rest rooms.
Feurer noted a walker on the track, using the facility for rehabilitation during the ceremony, indicating a need for the project in the community.

A quarter of the funds for the entire project have been collected. Feurer applied for numerous grants, but said he would be optimistic to receive all of those funds.

“We need to find residents with resources to help,” Feurer said.

Feurer commended the Goldenrod Garden Club with getting the drive started. The North Bend and Fremont Area Community Foundations, Birchwood Manor and Platte Valley Bank have also made substantial contributions to the project.
Attending the ribbon cutting were representative from the Garden Club-Pat Beebe, Platte Valley Bank-Tom Wolf, North Bend Area Community Foundation-Deanna Wolf, Fremont Area Community Foundation-Twila Flamme and NBCPS Superintendent Jim Havelka.

A new sign over the donor board recognizing donors who have contributed at least $25 to the trail-paving project. Membership in the Arboretum is available at $5 for students, $10 for individuals, $15 for families and $25 for businesses.

Feet of concrete and greenery can be purchased with donations from $20 to $200. Contributions can be sent to North Bend Community Arboretum, c/o Platte Valley Bank, P.O, Box 500, North Bend, NE 68649. All donations to the Arboretum are tax deductible.

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