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NBC office
The secretaries of NBC, Connie Nelson, Janet Porter and Jan Hobza, show off their newly remodeled workspace in the NBC office.

NBC front office gets new look

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 1/18/12

You will no longer find World War II surplus desks upon visiting the front office of North Bend Central.

Visitors to the office will be greeted by an all new look. Not only is the office shared by Janet Porter, Jan Hobza and Connie Nelson now updated, but it is now ADA compliant.

Over the Christmas break, the three women, Jim Cody and Rick Hobza painted the walls, cleaned the carpet, added new tract lighting, and updated the paging and public address and security systems in preparation for new furniture.

Porter has a new curved desk, giving her more work space for book keeping. Hobza and Nelson both have updated desks with more space to work. There is even space for an student aide to work. Previous desks used in the office, as are many teachers’, were World War II surplus.

Two flat screen televisions on the south wall show views of front doors and each of the hallways. A new security system is being installed so that anyone wanting entrance to the school who does not have a swipe-card pass can be identified by the office staff before entrance.

“It’s not necessarily that there were a bunch of technological improvements,” Hobza said, “but we’re just set up in a much more efficient way now.”

Another update that the women appreciate was the removal of the glass doors from the display cabinets by the office front door, eliminating the rattle every time someone walked by them.

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