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Garden fountain horns
Ron Anderson stands by the garden display he created in his farmyard.

Anderson's hors play different music

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 9/19/12

Ron and Diane Anderson have had music as part of their lives for many years and are charter members of the North Bend Area Community Band. Recently Ron shared some pictures of his latest garden addition, a horn fountain, with fellow band members so that they might enjoy it as well as possibly contribute to it.

Anderson started thinking about building the fountain three or four years ago and started collecting old, un-playable instruments. The fountain was an original idea.

Horns of waterNo wind but water flows through these brass instruments at the home of Ron and Diane Anderson.

“I enjoy fountains and I enjoy music,” Anderson said, describing his inspiration for the project.

First thing needed was the collection of the brass instruments as materials for the fountain.

“I bought half on eBay and others were school discards I found,” he said. “I let a tuba slip away from me, and I’m still kicking myself.”

Anderson made the fountain in what used to be a wildflower bed. He mowed off the bed’s mound, leaving the heart shaped foundation and soil. Anderson dug a five foot square hole about a foot deep, lined it with cement blocks, then covered that with a waterproof liner. He added a pump with a manifold that leads to each of the instruments.

In all, Anderson has eight instruments in his fountain: two each of trombones, trumpets and french horns, and one saxophone and one baritone. The instrument he plays, the baritone, is the centerpiece with the others arranged around it. What to use to hold the centerpiece up was initially a puzzle. He searched hardware stores to find an appropriated stand and finally convinced a store to sell him one of their display racks.

His grandchildren helped him add the river rock and plants.

Anderson contacted Dan Minarick of Steel Creation in Morse Bluff to make 15 musical symbols to add to the decor.

“When they were done, I told Dan I’d pick them up,” Anderson said. “He said he wanted to bring them out, as he was excited to see the final product.”

The garden fountain display now stands between his house and barn.

As for how Ron, who is a pharmacist, came to live near North Bend and thus build his garden creation, the answer is simple. He married North Bend girl, Diane Sic.

They decided to move to North Bend in 1977 to give their children the opportunity to grow up in a small town as they had. They moved to the Sic family farmstead about 12 years ago. Six years ago they built a new house and started landscaping the area. In addition to a large garden, the Andersons have numerous plantings around the house and barns.

“I do all the grunt work and she does the flowers,” Anderson said about the division of labor in the yard work.

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