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Lawnmower races coming to Morse Bluff

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 8/8/12

Bob Hines meets a lot of people through his work, including a man in Geneva who was a competitive lawn mower racer. Hines brought the ideal to the Morse Bluff Q125 group to hold a lawnmower race in Morse Bluff during the celebration. They agreed and after the Nebraska Lawn Mower Racing Association (NLMRA) approved the site, the race was on.

“It’s something different,” Hines said. “Should be a lot of fun.”

There are four classes of mowers on the racing circuit: stock, modified, super modified and outlaw. The stock level is basically a regular lawn mower with the blades removed. As the classes go up, the lawn mowers are more souped up for speed.

“They can get up to 45 miles per hour,” Hines said.

Hines thinks there will be an open class for area residents but the blades must be removed from the mower.

An announcer will come with the racers as the Morse Bluff race will be a sanctioned so where the drivers can earn points. Their season will end with a championship race at the state fair in Grand Island Sept. 1. For additional information see the NLMRA web site.

The Morse Bluff race will take place in the field west of the Bottom Road Bar. There will be some seating available but Hines encourages spectators to bring lawn chairs.

“There can be some chills and spills going on,” Hines said. “It should be very entertaining.”

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