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Levy set; students test well

by Katie Mattson
Published 9/21/11

The North Bend Public Schools Board of Education held its monthly meeting Sept. 12 at the high school. The Board reviewed and adopted the budget for the 2011-2012 school year, noting a 1.6 percent increase, which equals a 1.47 cent levy hike for taxpayers.

Public comment was heard from Lois Kreitman, who shared an update on the success of the rolling salad bar that was purchased for the elementary school last year. Lois mentioned how well the salad bar has been working and that the kids love it.

The Board also heard from Dave Raymond, a facilities manager/representative for Trane, the company hired to complete the various school remodeling projects. Raymond provided an update on the status of the projects, stating that all that remained were “punch list” items.

“Project deadlines were tight,” superintendent Dan Endorf said, “and (Raymond) was very complimentary of the schools’ staff members.”

Raymond also said that Trane would like to showcase the facility remodeling at NBC and NBE to other prospective schools.

Since the facilities projects are nearing completion, the Board turned its attention to the office spaces at NBC. Plans for new office furniture were heard by the Board.
Additional items discussed by the Board were the unofficial results of last year’s NESA standardized state tests. Scores placed NBCPS students second in the East Husker Conference for the second year in a row. Only Pender ranked higher, but Endorf said Pender’s sample size was very small and their numbers could change. Overall NBCPS students were above average in all categories except for 3rd and 6th grade math.

The Board also reviewed the ACT scores annual report, which showed NBC district students achieving higher scores than the state average in all areas except reading and language, with those numbers being only 0.3 percent under the state average. NBCPS students averaged a 22.4 cumulative ACT score in 2011, beating the state average of 22.1.

“An exciting aspect of NBCPS ACT prep is the implementation of the John Baylor method,” Endorf said. “It is a contemporary, strategy-based program that allows individual students to focus on specific areas of improvement in their ACT scores.”

In other business Caryn Zietlow reported that NBE teachers gathered to create a “matrix of behavior” program to see what behaviors are expected in the common areas of the school. The program, in addition to standardizing the expectations of students by teachers, paras and staff, will help to solidify special education. Zietlow also reported that NBE has added a grant writer to the pre-school committee to help locate and gain funding where possible.