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Shop small: it's the right thing to do

From the Banks of the Maple Creek- by Nathan Arneal
Published 11/23/11

I’m guessing a lot of you reading this live in small towns.

For example: North Bend and Morse Bluff. (See how well I know my readers?)

I will further wager that most of us who live in a small town do so by choice. Sure, there are sacrifices to living in a small community, such as a lack of late-night drive-through taco options.

But in our minds, the trade off is worth it to live in a relatively safe community where we know our neighbors. And our neighbors’ neighbors.

To keep our small-town lifestyle alive, we must keep our small town alive. That’s one of the reasons I was excited to support and promote Small Business Saturday in North Bend.

Our local small businesses do more than provide convenient goods and services.

They sponsor our little league teams. They donate to our benefits and fund raisers. They join our booster clubs. They provide us with jobs.

In other words, the small businesses of North Bend and Morse Bluff don’t just serve our community, they are our community.

Some of us living here don’t even realize what we have right under our noses. Not to sound self-serving, but there are some places in town that could really benefit from some advertising. There are still places I walk into and think, “I didn’t know they offered this here!”

Several of our downtown businesses have undergone major remodeling or expansion projects in recent months. Our local business community is thriving, but it needs your help to stay that way. Sure, buying local sometimes costs a bit more than the mega stores, but that money comes back to you in the form of taxes that help pay for the upkeep on our streets and facilities, gas saved by not driving to Omaha or Fremont, and the afore- mentioned local sponsorships and donations and general community support.

I don’t encourage the idea of Small Business Saturday because it will benefit my own business. The Eagle isn’t really the type of retail business that is going to benefit from a special shopping day. I support Small Business Saturday because I believe in small towns. I believe buildings housing prosperous businesses look better than empty, crumbling, boarded-up buildings. I believe in the people who operate our local businesses and want to see them successful. I believe in North Bend.

So go ahead and pack yourself into the car for a trip to Omaha or Lincoln or Fremont for your black Friday shopping. But then on Saturday, get out and explore your own hometown. Take advantage of the shopping opportunities right here in our community. Go into stores you’ve never visited before just to see what’s there.

You might be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

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