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The North Bend Eagle

Helicopter for filming
North Bend native Dana Altman double checks a camera
mounted one of his robotic filiming helicopters.

Native flies high over NB for right shot

by Katie Heller
Published 5/18/11

A colorful flying object resembling someone’s Lego masterpiece could be seen buzzing around the old North Bend Co-op on May 2. The object - a filming helicopter - was in fact a piece of equipment being used by North Sea Films to capture local agricultural images for a Green Plains Renewal Energy corporate ad campaign.

The owner and founder of North Sea Films is Dana Altman, who went by Dana Johnson while attending school at North Bend Central before graduating in 1984.He went on to create a noted film company based out of Omaha. Altman’s company has been hired to create a long form image campaign for Green Plains in an effort to highlight the value of ethanol, food/seed production, and local agricultural sources.

When asked why he chose North Bend as a film site, Altman said it was his connection to the community that brought him back.

“I had planned on shooting north of town with Ron Emanuel, who is a friend of mine,” he said. “It just made sense for an agricultural piece. I went to school here and there are cool people.”

Altman also said that his film company, which has been in business for 20 years, was chosen by Green Plains because of their mutual Omaha connection and for the body of work North Sea has produced. In addition to ad campaigns through its Corporate Division, such as the one partially filmed in North Bend, North Sea Films has done work for the Omaha Chamber of Commerce and the Nebraska Visitor’s Bureau, as well as major release documentaries and short films. North Sea also released a full-length feature film titled Lovely, Still in 2010.

Altman and his crew have been working on the Green Plains ad for almost a year and plan to finish by the end of summer. For more information about the ad featuring footage of North Bend, go to this fall.

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