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Legler announces impending resignation

by Nathan Arneal
posted 6/26/09

Just as one vacancy on the North Bend City Council was filled, news of another impending opening broke.

The Council’s June 23 meeting began with the swearing in of Emily Kirschenmann, who fill the spot opened by Al Wochnick’s resignation from the City Council.

Near the end of the meeting, mayor Karan Legler announced that she would soon be abdicating her position. She has bought a house in Morse Bluff and will be forced to resign her position as mayor of North Bend in two or three months because she will no longer be a North Bend resident.

“I really do regret it,” Legler said, “because I have really enjoyed this job. I have enjoyed all the years I was on the Council. It’s been very interesting and very informative.”

Legler is the longest tenured elected official in North Bend’s city government by far. She first took a seat on the City Council in 1996 and then became mayor following the 2004 recall election.

Once Legler leaves her post, councilman Kevin Ferguson, who joined the Council in June 2007, will become North Bend’s most experienced elected official.

Legler said her resignation would probably come around September or October. The most likely candidate to fill her role as North Bend’s mayor is Council president Jeff Kluthe.

Other Council business conducted at Tuesday’s meeting:

• Dennis Edmison and Bill Oliver, residents of Leisure Lakes south of North Bend, expressed their concerns about their roads.

Edmison and Oliver said Ron Vlach, who had a permit to clean the lakes, dug up the road in two spots. His permit, issued by the city of North Bend, did not extend to the roads.

“They dug the road up and put in a culvert with no guidance and no inspections to see if it was done properly under this permit to clean the lake,” Edmison said.

Edmison said most of the residents of the lake were not informed that the roads would be dug up. One of the roads is still impassable and barricaded by a fence. Edmison said trucks that come to the barricade turn around in his yard.

“I just want the road back in so my safety and welfare and my property don’t get damaged,” Edmison said. “I’ve actually put posts up in my yard to keep people from backing into my house.”

Vlach did not attend the meeting.

Mayor Karan Legler said she was not sure what power the city has in this situation. While Leisure Lakes is not within the North Bend city limits, it does sit within North Bend’s one-mile jurisdiction. She said the city would check with the city attorney and city engineer and get back to Oliver and Edmison.

• The Council received a letter from Great Plains Communications regarding an increase in cable TV rates. The Council decided to invite representatives of Great Plains to a meeting to discuss problems with the cable and Internet services. People in North Bend, including most of the councilmembers, have noticed digital cable channels either freezing or blacking out and interrupted Internet service.

• Approved building permits for the Pour House and Arlie’s Bar for additions of outdoor beer gardens to their bars.

• Kluthe reported that he has heard multiple reports of horseplay and dangerous behavior going unchecked at the city pool. He suggested that the pool managers be asked to crack down on inappropriate behavior by swimmers.

• Don Kruger was appointed to continue his role as the city’s emergency manager.

• The following people were appointed to the city’s Board of Health: Kluthe, Legler, Sheriff Steve Hespen and Dr. Jeffrey Rapp.

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