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Booster Club helps make high school years memorable

by Mary Le Arneal
published 8/12/09

It has been in existence for 15 years and is still going strong.

NBC Tiger Fall Jubilee
When: Aug. 24, 6 p.m.
Where: NBC
What: Dinner, hear coaches' reports on teams, entertainment
Who: Any and all Tiger fans
Cost: Free

The North Bend Booster Club was started in 1994 in response to the question “Why doesn’t someone do something?” Parents banded together to do the extra things to make the students’ years at North Bend Central

High School memorable. In the constitution of the organization it is stated that the purpose of the organization shall be “To promote involvement, support and build school and community spirit for all school sponsored activities.”

Through the past 15 years, good things about the Booster Club have gotten stronger and new activities have been added.
This year Linnae and Chris Kloke will be serving as president of the organization. Last year they served as president-elect under Tom and Linda Emanuel.

Emanuel said during her year at the helm of the Booster Club she grew to appreciate the interworkings of the staff, faculty and parents at NBC.

“I appreciate the talent and insight different people brought to the organization,” Emanuel said.

The Booster Club will be doing a few new things this year in working with activities director Tony Allgood. There will be a Fall Sports Jubilee on August 24. This will be a kick off event not only for the Booster Club, but will give the coaches a chance to introduce the athletes and talk a little about the coming season. The jubilee will begin at 6 p.m. with a free dinner and be followed by the coaches’ talks and entertainment by the NBC dance team and cheerleaders. Plans are to have a “jubilee” at the beginning of each sports season.

Also new this year will be an increase in the dues. For the last 15 years, the dues have been $5 for a family. This year the dues will be $10 for a single person, $15 for a family and $20 for businesses.

In reviewing the past 15 years of the Booster Club, Emanuel listed some of the activities the club does each year: sponsors games broadcast on radio; put on fall and spring sports banquets; gives medals to seniors participating in activities; has parents representatives for different groups who organize food for away games and activities; honor teachers during American Education Week; publicize Homecoming week with a proclamation, royalty recognition and tailgate party; help sponsor Spanish Club field trip; treats for students making the honor roll each quarter; pay for dinners of new National Honor Society members; host the Honors Night reception; sell Parents Pride Buttons and NBC spirit clothing.

The main fund raiser for the Booster Club has been the Alumni Golf Tournament held during Old Settlers each year since 1996. Other fund raisers include split-the-pot and soda shoot-out held at home basketball games and concession stands at junior high games.

Funds are used to purchase items that enhance the students overall high school experiences, Emanuel said.

“Coming from a small town, you get the feeling that the town supports you,” Emanuel said. “It takes a whole ‘village’ to raise a child. The Booster Club gives opportunities to parents, teachers, school staff, businesses, those without students in school - everyone in town, to collectively work together so that the students feel the town’s support.”

This past year the Booster Club replaced the championship banners in the NBC gym and are sponsoring the summer weight lifting programs. To start the year off they painted the boys’ locker rooms and plan to paint the girls’ locker room next year.

Items the club has purchased through the years include basketball wall mats, a tent for the cross-country and track team, a CD player for the dance team, improved the sound system in the gym, hurdles for the track, updated the concession stand for the football field, purchased scorekeeper’s table for the gym, a spotlight for One Acts and music for the Pep Band. Automated basketball hoops are being purchased this year.
Emanuel is pleased to see the Booster Club continue to have a presence at NBC.

“The vitality of the organization depends on the volunteers,” Emanuel said. “I encourage everyone to get involved. It’s fun to work together for the common good of the kids. If everyone just does one small part it will make it easier for all of us.”

In looking at the coming year, Kloke said the Booster Club is always looking for new ideas and resources.

The two recognized the contributions of Rick Watson, athletic director who retired this past year, after having served as the organization’s treasurer since its beginning. Now Allgood and NBC principal Brenda Peterson serve on the Booster Club board. Tami and Joe Ruskamp are president-elect.

“The Booster club is there to support the athletics, academics and arts of the students at NBC,” Linnae Kloke said. “I’m very nervous and excited about the coming year. As a parent you see only what your kids do, with this job you get to see it all.”

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