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Primary Election 2020

Updated 5/13/20 11:40 a.m.

11:40 a.m. - Saunders County has now gone unofficial final, though there were no additional votes for NBC school board from its previously released numbers. Colfax County is also unofficial final, but no NBC district patrons in Colfax County voted. Francis Emanuel, Bob Feurer, Doug Hoops, Andy Swanson, Brandon Johnson and Heidi Widick advance to November's run-off, where three will be elected.

1:20 a.m.- OK, so we checked one more time. At this time, Dodge County is reporting its final unofficial results. Pat Tawney will be the Republican nominee for county supervisor and will run unopposed in November. We still await Saunders County's unofficial final, though it is unclear if there are any more school board votes yet to be counted.

12:15 a.m.- The Eagle is going to call it a night. We will update again Wednesday.

10:23 p.m.- The first election-day counts from Dodge County were released and are reflected below

10:19 p.m.- The first election day numbers were turned in by Saunders County, though it looks like this first return only reflects about 25 voters.

The first Dodge County returns have been released. The numbers below reflect only early votes, not voting done on election day. Saunders County released their early votes around 9 p.m. Again, no election day votes tallied yet. Colfax County votes were added to the school board at 9:19, though there were no votes regiestered at that time. Usually, there are only three or fewer votes that come from Colfax County in the NBC school board race.

North Bend Central Dist. 595 School Board
Top six advance to November general election

  Dodge Co. Saunders Colfax Total
Francis Emanuel 431 146 0 577
Bob Feurer 376 122 0 498
Doug Hoops 340 102 0 442
Andy Swanson 266 76 0 342
Brandon Johnson 240 95 0 335
Heidi Widick 247 76 0 323
Karrie VanNortwick 206 63 0 269
Write in 2 0 0 2

Dodge County Board of Supervisors District 4, Republican Nomination
There are no Democrats running, so the winner of the Republican nomination will be running unopposed in November.

Patrick Tawney 425      
Dave Saalfeld 297      
Terry Synovec 169      
Write in 0      

Pleasant Valley Township Lid Proposal

Yes 25      
No 18      



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