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NBC preps for possible virus interruption

by Stephanie Iwan Flamme
Published 3/11/20

The NBC School Board began work to prepare for the district’s future at the March 8 school board meeting.

Superintendent Dr. Dan Endorf briefed the board on the corona virus or COVID-19 and the school’s preparedness in the event of an outbreak. School will be in session unless the administration hears from Three Rivers Health, a medical expert or agency that would recommend the district close.

“We would need at least one day with our staff to prepare a plan to bring instruction to the students at home,” Endorf said.

The difficulty comes with preparing for the youngest students. Elementary principal Tessie Beaver explained that putting kindergarten through second grade students on technology may be more challenging.

“I worry they won’t get the basic instruction they need,” Beaver said.

To ensure a safe environment for all the NBC students, the administration will continue to monitor the situation. They will send out a Tiger Talk notice reminding parents to keep home students who are ill, to reinforce good student and staff hygiene, and to allow teachers preparation time to provide instruction through technology as part of the one to one program.

Craig T. Jones from First National Capital Markets was invited to address the board about refinancing the school’s bond. There is approximately $6 million left to pay in the Series 2013 General Obligation Bond. By refinancing, the district would be able to lower the interest percentage to 1.8 or 1.9 percent.

This would mean a savings to the district of $403,918.83. The original interest percentage rate for the 2013 bond is 2.8 percent.

“Now is a good time to set the process in motion because interest rates were low to begin with but now the rates can be even lower,” Jones said.

The board unanimously approved the motion to begin pursuing capturing the savings for the district. Jones summarized that it would take approximately two weeks to complete the process of calling the old bonds and reissuing the new Series 2020.

“The original bonds were rated A1 but since the district has managed the repayment well, the new series will be bumped up to AA,” Jones said.

The board also reviewed the summer needs for the district. Since there were no major projects last year, they will be tackling several areas in the high school and elementary buildings. The high school repairs will include rebuilding the stage floor frontage, filling the choir room pit, repainting and cleaning the industrial arts and wood shop rooms, replacing the last roof drain, completing the breezeway to dry storage, adding underground sprinklers at the softball field, completing the last roof drain replacement, and replace the tires on the tractor.

The board accepted a $61,110 bid from Wiese Plumbing to repair the high school kitchen sinks and floor drains. Work will begin this summer.

At the elementary building, there will be landscaping on the west side, trees added in the fall, the removal of gravel with replacement of concrete on the playground north of the basketball courts, the addition of a new hot water heater and the purchase of a washer and dryer for the boiler room. The elementary lunchroom, including duct work will also be painted, and new rock will be added to the pre-school entrance.

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