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Professional development becomes teacher driven

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 1/22/20

The North Bend Central Board of Education looked at its past accomplishments and future goals at their monthly meeting Jan. 13.

Three teachers on the leadership team presented the school improvement report. Jeff Manka said the teachers feel they have a solid foundation with their Marzano training and are ready take leadership role and ownership in their own professional development.

“We have a renewed interest and a sense of energy by following our individual paths together,” Manka said.

Randi Mimick spoke for the elementary school committee, explaining that teachers have set goals then had sessions to discuss them in small groups with each other, to see how they are similar and perhaps learn from what the other teachers are doing.

Ross Lafleur pointed out that at the high school there is collaboration and community where teachers looked at their goals and saw a theme in them.

“Our tool boxes are full,” Lafleur said, “so now we can go out and be our own experts, our own teachers.”

Rather than have a Marzano expert come in and give a workshop, the teachers are going to tap resources within the NBC community.

“The experts are among us,” superintendent Dan Endorf said. “Let the professional development be teacher driven.”

The board discussed preparations for Steve Richardson’s retirement. Richardson told the school he had plans to retire a few years ago, giving the other science teacher Jamie Schluter time to take courses so that next year she could teach the college level classes which Richardson had been teaching.

The board discussed other changes in job descriptions to better suit the jobs Susan Baumgartner and Tony Allgood were doing. Baumgartner’s job will transition to a K-5 Interventionist position with the new hiring along with a reallocation of federal program dollars. Allgood gave the board a list of duties that he has added since 2008. The board discussed making his position an assistant principal or continuing it as an activities director/teacher position. It was decided to continue with the latter.

The board talked about security resource officer Jesse Sladky’s request for walkie talkies for the school. Sladky clarified during a threatening situation how the reunification of students with parents would be difficult if cell phone use was restricted. After much discussion it was decided to purchase six radios for use at the elementary school. They would go out with those monitoring recess daily and other special situations. They could be used at the high school with track meets or other special needs.

The board did its yearly task of signing their oaths of office, reorganizing the board (all officers were reelected), assigning committees and making appointments. They also reexamined long term goals with more discussion planned for later.

The next board meeting will be Feb. 10 at 7 p.m.


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