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Camera in use on busses already

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 12/20/17

With only one bus left to have cameras installed, principal Tessie Beaver told the North Bend Central Board of Education members at their Dec. 11 meeting, “I like what I see.”

Beaver said she has already used the camera to settle a dispute between students claiming the other was hitting them when both were out of their seats. The board approved installation of the cameras this past summer.

The board continued to look at the three-year facility plan for the elementary school, with prices coming in lower than expected. A committee heard three companies’ presentations on their playground equipment and decided to go with Outdoor Recreation Products for a total bid of $213,345. This includes site preparation, a reinforced concrete basketball court and poured-in-place rubber surface under the purchased equipment.

“It can fit 200 kids at one time,” Beaver said, explaining that this would fit the school’s needs.

The board approved the capacity resolution limiting class size in kindergarten to fifth grade to 42 students, grades six and seven will be limited to 57 students and grades eight to 12 to 42 students. A part of the annual resolution always included states that the superintendent may appeal to the board to change these numbers if the capacity is reached.

“We are getting closer to balance,” superintendent Dan Endorf said. “The 42 to 58 students per class fits us, with two teachers for every grade.”

The board accepted the applications for Early Retirement Incentive Program from Jolene Paasch and Terri Jelinek. Paasch has taught in elementary schools in the North Bend district for 31 years and Jelinek has taught math at NBC for 30 years. They will both retire at the end of the academic year.

Jelinek has expanded her responsibilities at NBC to include school improvement and assessment responsibilities. Endorf said he will share these positions with faculty at the Jan. 3 in-service to see if anyone already on staff is interested. He will also advertise for a math position with and without these responsibilities. Endorf will also advertise for a school psychologist for the district rather than contract with ESU 2.

The next meeting will be held Jan. 8, 2018.


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