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NBC ACT scores

2017 juniors do well on ACT

by Dan Endorf, NBC Superintendant
Published 6/6/06

For the first time in state history, all Nebraska juniors across the state took the ACT in April of 2017.

North Bend Central students truly stood out in their performance! As the chart shows, the NBC class of 2018 had a very strong showing when compared with both Nebraska students and those Class C and D districts in our region.

Student performance can be attributed to strong households and supportive parents, quality teaching staff from the youngest ages, and personal characteristics such as determination, dedication and self-confidence. This group of learners certainly checks all of these boxes.

The Class of 2018 has a history of excellent academic performance. Their individual ACT scores provide them with scholarship opportunities, admittance to quality colleges and universities, and are another example of their desire to achieve. It’s always a great day to be an NBC Tiger, especially on landmark days like the ACT when our students position themselves in such a positive fashion for their first steps of life as an adult.

On behalf of the NBC students and staff, way to go, Class of 2018!


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