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School board approves lower levy

by Stephanie Iwan Flamme
Published 9/21/16

North Bend Central Board of Education approved setting the total levy at 0.7506 cents per $100 of valuation for the 2016-2017 school year budget at the Sept 12 meeting.

The tax request of $5,547,703.99 for the general fund, $1,414,141.40 for the Special Building fund, $909,090.90 for the Bond fund, and $126,262.63 in the qualified capital purposes undertaking fund was approved as part of this levy.

The Board is asking for less funding than previous years. The total levy set for 2015-2016 budget was 0.8008 and for 2014-2015 it was 0.8929. The Board felt it was doing a lot for the school district and asking for less money than two years ago.

As part of the meeting, they recognized and welcomed new teachers Katie Mann, Jenna Wesch and Nate Schleuter. Each outlined their duties and impressions of the school year so far to the board members.

Principals described new programs that have been implemented this year. High school principal Brenda Petersen explained the careers class that is being taught by Katie Wright. Four seniors are currently enrolled. Students have begun compiling their portfolios, completing interest inventories, and have begun look for internships and job shadow opportunities.

Elementary school principal Tessie Beaver described the after school program which can handle up to 45 students. Currently about 39 students have been attending, working on homework, math extension activities and physical activities. The program costs $5 a day.

The Board continues to discuss plans to upgrade the parking lot, lighting, and the softball concession stand with rest rooms. They passed a motion for Carlson West Provondra Architects to pursue a design to renovate the existing parking lot as well as a plan to up grade the entire area. They discussed time lines for decision making so that if a project was to be pursued it could be completed without interfering with the school year.

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