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Platte Valley Bank
Platte Valley Bank president Tom Wolf sits at his grandfather Emil’s desk, flanked by PVB vice presidents Deanna Wolf and Katy Bode. The desk is one of the historical artifacts that will be on display in the newly renovated First National Bank building.

PVB survives Depression, relocation in first 125 years

by Nathan Arneal
Published 7/6/16

Tom Wolf’s banking career got of to an inauspicious start.

His dad, Platte Valley Bank president Arden Wolf, helped him get a bank job in Hawaii after college. On his first day on the job, he cost his new employer about $2 million.

“They had automated teller machines that I had never used before,” Wolf said. “With those machines, a debit was what I was used to calling a credit and a credit was a debit. It was just exactly the opposite, so everything I ran through­— oh my gosh, I was off a couple million dollars.”

Luckily, after staying late into the night to fix his mistake, everything was corrected and his banking career was allowed to continue.

Forty-eight years later Wolf, 71, is overseeing the 125th anniversary of North Bend’s Platte Valley Bank. The Wolf family has been involved in the bank for 106 of those years.

The Platte Valley Bank got its start as the Bank of Morse Bluff on June 27, 1891, and soon moved into a new frame building on Victoria Street, on what is now an empty lot between the Morse Bluff Post Office and the village hall.
Jesse Gidley was the first bank president with Andrew Fleming vice president. W.W. Hall was the cashier.

In 1910 a new brick building was built directly south of the original Bank of Morse Bluff. Today that building serves as the Morse Bluff Post Office.

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