The North Bend Eagle


City removes recylcing bin

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 8/24/16

As of Monday, Aug. 29, the city of North Bend will no longer be taking part in a recycling program. Anyone wanting to recycle will have to obtain their own recycling tub from their garbage hauler or take their stuff to Fremont.

“The bins were full of stuff that doesn’t belong there,” city clerk Theresa Busse said. “Larry (Hilliard, city maintenance) checks them every day and finds styrofoam and stereos in there.”

Busse said that even with a list of accepted items on the side of the bins, people were still using them to dispose of their non-recyleable garbage.
It cost the city $112.20 every time the bin is emptied, which was twice in July for $224.20.

Recyling is still and option for North Benders. Busse encouraged people to contact their garbage carrier about an individual bin for their home.
Busse said that Scribner has also taken out their recycling bin. There are still recycling places in Fremont.

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