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Board looks at paved parking lot, career ed

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 8/17/16

The North Bend Central Board of Education held its monthly meeting Aug. 8 at the high school.

Carlson West Povondra architect Bob Soukup was there to show the board possibilities in paving the high school parking lot. With the purchase of the grass lot east of the softball field, new possibilities opened up for the parking lot.

Soukup presented drawings of the parking lot going south to the north side of the softball field extending straight east to Walnut St. Making 60 degree angled parking would allow 314 stalls, at 90 degree angles there could be 380 parking stalls. After much discussion, the board asked Soukup to show them drawings retaining the existing paved stalls or starting over with all new pavement. Prices for the project range from $950,000 to $1.1 million to start from scratch.

The board reexamined the career education goals.

“The longer we get into it, the younger we see needs,” superintendent Dan Endorf said. “By the time (students) are freshman, they have a better idea of what they want to do and need to do. We are working career ed in a different way than we thought.”

High school principal Brenda Peterson said they thought originally they would be working with mostly juniors and seniors, but now they are doing more in the younger grades.

Career ed teacher Katie Wright will be working with fourth grade high ability learners (HAL) and Chris Gross-Rhode with the fifth grade HAL. Wright will also be teaching a photography class. Science teacher Bernie Niclola will be teaching a habits of the mind/robotics class to sixth graders. There will also be offerings on sports marketing, ACT test prep, college visits and other exploration opportunities for students.

The board approved the hiring of Randy Dodge as bowling coach, Deb Erpelding as para, Marla Murray and Vicki Kohl as custodians and Amanda Vyhlidal and Heidi Widick sharing a job in the high school kitchen.

Elementary principal Tessie Beaver reported that the new after hours program at the elementary school will have to follow the Health and Human Services rules as a day care provider. They will have to limit the number of participants to 30 to have the ratio dictated by HHS. Beavers said 15 have already signed up with others signing up as occasional drop-ins.

Enforf asked the board for approval to start a district 595 hall of fame. He would have it set up so that the first class would be initiated during the Holiday Tournament NBC is hosting. The board gave him a go ahead.

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