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Feala featured as "Nebraska bachelor"

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 4/13/16

Seth Feala is a nice guy. Around Valentine’s Day, his niceness was his gain.
On Feb. 12, Feala turned on the radio in the morning, tuning in KZKX 96.9, known as 96 Kix, and the DJ and Lauren Morning Show with Husker Nick was on. They were giving away Valentine’s Day reservations at some hard-to-get-into restaurants in Lincoln.

“I thought that’d be better than anything I could come up with,” Feala, 34, said.
Feala called and entered, and a few hours later he got a call saying he’d won one of the reservations. But five hours later, his date canceled on him.

Farmer Seth, Nebraska's bachelorJaclyn Vermieline and Seth Feala smile after their date to a Carrie Underwood concert, provided by Kix 96 radio.

“I wasn’t going to go by myself,” Feala said. “So I started calling some local friends. I remembered a couple in Lincoln having a run of bad luck, so I decided to get hold of them.”

He gave them the reservations and called the restaurant and arranged payment for their meal. A ‘pay it forward’ type deal he said.

Feala wondered if there was a stipulation from the radio station about him having to use the reservations. So Feala decided to contact the station, thank them for the reservations and let them know who would be using the reservations.

“From that message everything just built itself off of that,” Feala said. “Lauren thought that was the greatest thing in the world and (I) must have been a great guy. She pretty much put in motion everything that transpired since then.”

The radio station did some background checks on Feala, liked what they saw and put together the Nebraska Bachelor contest.

“They asked me if it was alright and I figured I didn’t have anything to lose,” the 2000 North Bend Central graduate said. “If anything it would be a good story – just a fun thing to do. I didn’t expect it to be as big as it turned out to be.”

Lauren put on the radio, Facebook and Twitter information about Feala, asking if any girls were interested in dating “Farmer Seth.” They had him come to a band concert to meet people.

“It was more of a chance for them (radio people) to meet me so that they could screen the applications, bios, for a chance to go on a date,” Feala said. “They wanted to know me personally so they could better eliminate down to 25 girls for me to choose three from.”

The radio station lined up the restaurant for him to take his dates to, a movie followed and then dancing at a nearby bar. The dates were on Saturdays around the first of March.

“I took these three nice girls on a date then I chose one at the end.”

Feala called the other two girls to tell them they were not chosen, because it’s the nice thing to do.

“I didn’t want them to hear it on the radio,” he said.

Feala chose Jaclyn Vermeline, 24, of Malmo. He said as they’ve gotten to know each other they realize they have more in common.

“I don’t know where it’ll go, but we’re having fun,” Feala said. “We’re taking it as it goes.”

The other benefit of the experience was the people he touched. Feala feels like he’s developed a friendship with the radio people. Lauren is from California and has no country experience where as DJ and Nick both have some connection to rural life.

Feala is trying to set up a time for Lauren to come to North Bend and experience what farm life is like. He’s trying to arrange for her to work on a grain farm, cattle farm and hog farm. Feala talked about the community and how everyone knows each other and how farmers help each other out and she wants to meet North Bend.

Feala has been amazed how far the story reached. He has friends in Germany, Hawaii, Canada, Australia and his parents in Arizona who streamed the radio station so they could hear about his adventures.
And his family has enjoyed the whole thing too.

“My sisters found out about it and they are making it a big thing,” he said.

Feala said he would call his sister in Seattle, Michaela Buckner, to ask her advice about something.

“She’d run it by the nurses she worked with,” Feala said. “They got a kick out of it.”

A lot of people in the community have followed the events and offered Feala support.

“The people at the radio station were really impressed with North Bend,” Feala said. “A lot of North Bend people called in with great things to say in support of the town.”

Feala said he didn’t expect the outcome he got. Not only meeting a girl, but connecting with the people at the radio station and the response from the community.

Nice guys don’t always finish last.

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