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Try out an Eagle e-sub for free!

For the month of September, you can try out an electronic subscription to the North Bend Eagle. An e-sub means you get the exact same pages that come in the print edition downloaded to your computer.

The advantages of an e-sub include:

• The photos are in full color.
• No waiting for the mail. If you don't live in North Bend, you've probably had to deal with your Eagle showing up some random day after it is published. With an e-sub you can read your Eagle the day it is printed (usually on Tuesdays- the day before it shows up in North Bend mailboxes!).
• You can access your Eagle from any computer in the world with internet access.
• There is a keyword search tool to help you find previous articles.

To access your free trial:

Nebraska News Link• Go to

• In the "Subscriber Login" box, log in with the following info:
Username = September
Password = trial

Note: DO NOT click "reset password." This will make the trial account unreachable to everyone including you (since you did not sign up for the account with your personal e-mail, you will not be notified of the new password after it is reset).

• Once you are logged in, you are taken to a page with a search function. You can type in a keyword to find a particular article or topic in the Eagle. This search only searches issues since you have been subscribed.

• Below the search tool is a section named "Subscribed Papers." You should see the North Bend Eagle listed. Click on this to start your download. The download may take a few moments.

• This week's issue of the Eagle will download as a multi-page PDF. When you open the PDF, you can use the buttons on your PDF reader to flip between different pages of the newspaper and zoom in and out for easier reading.

• Bookmark and download your new issue every Tuesday! (This trial offer ends Sept. 30).

To subscribe to the e-edition:

If you decide you want to get an e-sub to the Eagle, you have a few of optoins:

• A year's subscrption to the e-edition is $27.

• Many people decide they want to get both the print edition and an e-sub. (It's nice to have a physical copy for scrapbook purposes). If you want to add an e-sub on top of your regular print subscription, the cost is $10.

• If you want to switch your current print subscription to an e-sub (or vice versa), we will do that for no charge. Just let us know.

If you decide the e-edition is for you, you can stop in at the Eagle office or mail a check to the North Bend Eagle, PO Box 100, North Bend NE 68649. Please include both your e-mail address and physical mailing address when signing up.

Thanks for taking a look!

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