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  Datel Buidling
With the help of cranes, workers replace the roof on the 100-year-old Datel Building.

Datel Building razes the roof for 100th birthday

by Stephanie Iwan Flamme
Published 5/6/15

The two-story brick building that now houses Gambinos, L.A.Tanning, Just for Kix, Mainstreet Wellness, and the Yoga Studio has been a North Bend landmark for the past 100 years on the corner of 7th of Main.

Matthew Cotterell and Thomas Patterson were the first to receive a deed in 1860 to this parcel from the United States. The land changed owners periodically but the surname Doubrava held the title for much of the time until Frank B. Datel bought it in 1915.

The building is currently owned by Jerry and Cecilia Hall. They purchased the building in 1992, forming a corporation, Datel, Inc., keeping the historical name alive. This year they celebrated the building’s centennial with a new roof. The
building still houses the Hall’s office, shop and storage.

In 1900 partners John Janovec and F.B. Datel had a general merchandise store in a building on that site. Datel’s nephew J.F. came to North Bend with his family to work at Datel & Janovec, as the store was known.

F.B. bought out Janovec in 1915 and partnered with J.F. to form Datel & Datel. In 1930 F.B. bought out J.F. and maintained the business alone. The south half of the building held women and girls’ merchandise; the north half was men and boys. The west end held groceries and ‘sundries’ with F.B. sitting in the office balcony administering change via a system of containers on pull cables. The second story, at various times, stored coffins, housed Dr. Fredrich’s dental office and contained apartments.

As years passed, the building’s use changed. On the first floor, the south half housed a drug store (1940 Tapster Drug Store, 1949 Denzler’s Drug Store, 1955 North Bend Drug) and the north half was a pool hall. Later an auto parts store occupied both sides for a short time.

The building’s profile was changed by Gary LeGrand when he removed the flat roof in 1980 and a third story was created with plans to create apartments. This did not prove to be feasible.

For many years Henry Dahl had his second-hand store on the first floor.

Datel can still be seen carved at the top on the east side of the building reminding North Bend of its historical heritage.

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