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Loving Cup 2015
Carol and Clayton Snover ride in the Old Settlers parade as winners of the Loving Cup. This follows a tradition that began in 1937 to honor a couple who have the “greatest number of wedded years to their credit.”

Snovers gald to have celebrated 62 anniversaries

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 7/1/15

Clayton and Carol Snover are the third couple in their family to win the loving cup for their longevity in marriage. Uncle Floyd and aunt Josie Snover won the coveted cup in 1973 with 60 years of marriage. Clayton’s parents, Vesty and Mandy Snover, won in 1981 with 57 years of marriage. This year Clayton and his bride of 62 years, Carol, beat out the competition – and the relatives – with their 62 years.

“Glad we made it this long,” Clayton said to the Sunday morning crowd after receiving the trophy from Chamber of Commerce president Jason Saalfeld. Carol was beaming as she held the beautiful roses provided by Chamber.

The Snovers met while on “vacation.” Clayton, a 23-year-old native of Ames, was serving in the Army and his dad was ill, so he got “corn picking leave” to help with harvest. While on leave, he went to a dance in Arlington. Kennard native Carol Kniep, 18, was teaching in Thone School by Herman.

“I came home to pick corn and then I picked her,” Clayton said.

Carol finished the school year and Clayton finished the Army and they were married on May 31, 1953. They lived in North Bend on the site of today’s golf course while Clayton worked at Pollard Implement for a few years and farmed.

When he started farming full time in 1960 they moved to a farm in Ames. Three children came, Terry Snover, Lynette Elofson, both of North Bend, and Denise Essman of Lincoln. They now have six grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.
Carol went back to teaching in 1961 and taught for 34 years. They both retired in 1992, though Carol continued substitute teaching for another 12 years. In ‘92 they moved to North Bend again and started going south for the winters, something they’ve done for more than 20 years.

They also did square dancing and polka dancing for over 25 years, quitting in 1996.

What is their secret for the longevity of their marriage?

“He was pretty good to get along with,” Carol said. “And he was always ready to go places. He liked to dance.”

Good clean living is one reason Clayton gives for their lasting marriage.

“We had good health,” Clayton added. “We’ve been involved with our family.”

After receiving the award the Snovers were surrounded by friends and family congratulating them.


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