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  Byrd house
Eric and Kim Byrd finally finally got to see their house begin the trip to its new home across the street.

Scammer gets away with $4,000

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 2/25/15

In last week’s Eagle there was a story about Sally Timmons dealing with a scam artist.

This week’s scam was a lot bolder, costing one local family $4,000.
Eric and Kim Byrd were the winning bidders for a house near North Bend Elementary that needed to be moved.

The move finally took place this past weekend, weeks after a man who took $4,000 said it would be done.

The Byrds took recommendations from Rick Hobza about two reputable businesses that moved houses. The Byrds called both and decided to go with Charles Lange House and Building Movers of Scribner.

A man, Michael Jasa of Thurston, met with the Byrds and examined their property. He said he represented Charles Lange and they could move the house over the Christmas break. He said he would need $4,000 to buy extra beams and other items needed because the house was so long. The Byrds thought that was unusual, but they had never moved a house before, so they signed a contract and paid the money.

And then no one came for two weeks. They called the number Jasa had given them. The number was never answered and had a full message box. The Byrds finally got hold of Charles Lange and he told them that Michael Jasa did not work for him. They worked things out so that the Lange crew came and raised the house. Walker Foundations out of Columbus dug and poured the new basement. Eric Byrd built the support wall in the middle of the basement. Everything was ready to move the house on Feb. 20.

The Byrds contacted attorney Rod Johnson about the money given to Jasa. A letter was sent asking for return of the $4,000 by Feb. 10. Nothing happened. The Byrds are meeting with the Dodge County Sheriff this week.

The Byrds are not the first victims of Michael Jasa. Charles Lange, who has employed Jasa in the past, lent him some money to be paid back in a week. He never saw it again. The Byrds know of another family in North Bend who gave money to Jasa for work never done.

“We want to get the word out there about Jasa,” Kim Byrd said. “We had no reason to distrust him. He may move houses, but he has a track record of not following through. It’s not right to take other people’s money.”

Kim was so mad about being taken, she called anyone she could think of. She called KETV’s “Seven Can Help” and they suggested reporting him to the Attorney General.

“If we join forces with others who have been scammed, maybe something will get done,” Byrd said.

Their house is now moved and the Byrds have nothing but good things to say about the work of Lange and his son Arlon Lange and the Walkers.

They are just hoping no other family gets swindled by Jasa.

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