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City will take up-close look at sewer lines

by Nathan Arneal
Published 2/11/15

The North Bend City Council revisited the idea of cleaning and video taping North Bend’s sewer lines at its Feb. 3 meeting.

A year ago Brent Anderson, a representative of PeopleService who oversees North Bend’s water and sewer system, suggested the idea. No action was taken at that time.

At last Tuesday’s meeting, Anderson and Duane Grashorn of PeopleService returned to propose the idea again. While the sewer lines are cleaned and roots cut out of them, a camera would pass through the lines which would let PeopleService identify the sections that are most in need of repairs.

“It would be nice to know where our big problem areas are at,” Anderson said. “We can categorize where all of our major problems are at so we can fix the worst areas first then step down from there.”

Grashorn said the amount of infiltration – groundwater seeping into the sewer lines – seen at the wastewater treatment plant indicates a lot of cracks and unsealed lines in the sewer system.

The venture would cost about $60,000 altogether. Anderson suggested doing it all at once, but he said it could also be spread over three years at the cost of $18,500 per year.

“It’s an expensive proposition,” Grashorn said, “but it’s a real good tool to use. It cuts down on your liability. It identifies where you’re going to need to spend money in the future.”

Several council members spoke in favor of splitting the project up.

“I think we should split it into thirds,” councilman Tom Mullally said. “I don’t see why we have to map the whole thing the first year. That way if we find something, we still have a little money to fix it.”

The council agreed to clean and video a third of the city’s sewer lines. If there are no major problems in the first third, they will move on to the next section of town.

Anderson said work would start this spring on the west side of town and work to the east.

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