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Board meets teachers, examines stadium facility

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 12/23/15

The North Bend Central Board of Education met Dec. 14 and began its meeting with introduction to school nurse Amy Lloyd, R.N., and industrial arts teacher Caleb Schulze. Schulze just finished his student teaching at NBC under Jeff Jacob and has signed a contract as a long term sub.

“I was not sure teaching was what I wanted to do,” Schulze said. “My experience at NBC has shown me this is where I want to be. I made a very good choice this first year.”

Schulze will have to apply for the full-time job at the end of the year.

The principals both said they were pleased with the Christmas programs. The reworked sound systems worked well. High school principal Brenda Petersen said that the NBC wrestling meet was a good try-out for hosting districts and there are some kinks to be worked out. Peterson said a new NBC mascot will be introduced at the Dec. 15 basketball games.

Petersen and guidance counselor Chris Gaughen presented additional information on career education. They requested the board approve hiring a full-time teacher to facilitate the career education program. That teacher would be able to help out in other areas so that teachers could also offer career education courses.

“We know what we want,” Gaughen said. “We are just not sure how to get there.”

The board approved a capacity resolution for the 2016-2017 school year at 47 students in each grade kindergarten through grade six, and 65 students in each grade seven through 12. The level III special education program will remain closed.

A one year Early Retirement Incentive Program was approved. It is revised to allow five eligible teachers to partake in the program which offers a $12,500 lump sun in a non-elective 403b account. There are ten eligible teachers. The board will need to know by Feb. 4 if a teacher wants to participate.

Superintendent Dan Endorf presented the AQUESTT 2015 Final Classification Reports with the district receiving a classification of “Great” 3 out a possible 4 rating. The high school received a 4 “Excellent,” while the middle and elementary school both received a 3.

“What does it all mean?” Endorf said. “I’m not sure. It is a wholistic look at the school.”

Bob Soukup from Carlson West Povondra Architecture spoke to the board. He said a final post-construction walk-thru had been done with finishing work to be done over the Christmas break. Lights for the football field were discussed. Four 80-foot poles with LED lights will be installed at about the 15-yard lines with a flood light in back of the LED lights to light the bleacher area. They should be in place by April 1. The board and Soukup also looked at bleachers and a new press box.

The board had traveled to area schools to see new bleachers and press boxes. Soukup proposed aluminum bleaches with an I-beam structure, 149 feet long (25-yard line to 25-yard line) that would seat 1,244 people. The board also expressed opinions about the press box. Soukup will return with final drawings. The plan is to start working on the bleachers when track is done to have them ready for football season.

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