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Ginette Renard keeps the coffee cups full as Arden Havekost of Scribner, left, comes to play cards with North Benders Bob Shanahan, Clayton Snover, Eddie Watt and Don Hoppel.

Familiar face is new owner of Corner Cafe

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 8/19/15

The Corner Café is under new management. Ginette Renard and her husband Rick are now the owners of the business as of August 1. Ginette has worked at the Corner for more than 10 years, and when it looked like the eatery might close, she and Rick decided to tackle this adventure together.

“The opportunity came, we didn’t want to see the business close,” Ginette said. “We had talked about it before. Now with all the kids in school it’s easier.”

The Renards have seven children, five still at home. Shae is a sophomore at North Bend Central, Jessica a seventh grader, Faith a fifth grader and Evan is in first grade. Jessica is in charge of getting the younger ones up and going in the morning then mom or dad will take a break to run them to school.

“That’s probably the hardest part,” Ginette said, “adjusting everyone’s schedules.”

The kids all help out at the café: Shae washes dishes on Sundays, daughter Mikki comes from Fremont to work an occasional weekend. They all help with the cleaning.

Former owners Darrell and Mary Ritenour helped the first weekend the Renards were on their own and have offered to help when needed. Rick’s mom, Judy Worley, has offered to help out occasionally. Long time waitress Amanda Vyhlidal is going to start working at the high school, but will continue to help out on Sundays. Monica Glodowski, another long time employee, will still be at the Corner.

The Renards said there will not be a lot of changes.

“We will keep what Darrell and Mary established,” Rick said. “Keep things fresh. We’ve been in the restaurant business a long time so we have lots of ideas. We both envisioned we’d be doing this the last ten years or so.”

There are no changes in the menu at this time but there are some revisions. They are going to place soup back on the salad bar and they are going back to Bob’s Custom Meats for the ground beef for their hamburgers. The Monday through Friday luncheon specials with the salad bar will continue.

The decor will be tweaked, as Rick brings in some antiques he has refinished. There is an antique china cabinet holding up the television now and an antique buffet looking for the right spot to nest.

The Renards are Omaha natives who lived in Fremont a short time before moving to North Bend 11 years ago.

“We wanted a nice place for our kids to grow up,” Rick said.

They see the Corner Café as a long term endeavor.

“We don’t have anything else,” Ginette said. “Trying to do everything is hard. Once we get everything streamlined and organized it’ll be easier. Everyone is more relaxed and positive.”

Ginette said the community has been very positive and supportive and they are appreciative of that.

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