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School looking to clear storage space with sale

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 4/29/15

Do your kids like to play school? Or maybe you need a scoreboard for those backyard football games on Thanksgiving. Has NBC got a deal for you.
North Bend Central will be holding an auction to get rid of surplus items that have collected over the years and as a result of recent remodeling at the schools.

Rick Hobza is organizing the auction as the owner’s representative for NBC. It will be held at the old popcorn plant, in the three story building on the north side of the lot at 11 a.m. Sunday, May 3. There will be signs directing those interested back to an inner room filled with items up for auction. Outside will be three vehicles – a school bus, an Econoline van, and a minivan – that will be auctioned off.

NBC auctionRick Hobza measures a scoreboard to be sold at the NBC acution.

Other items up for auction are 18-20 tube type televisions, a number of them 32 inch. Overhead screens and overhead opaque projectors are all excess now having been replaced by new technology, like smart boards, in the classrooms.
There are also more than 25 computers, Apple and a few E-macs, that have been replaced by newer models and may fit someone’s home computer needs just fine.

There are doors available, some just a few years old that were replaced or no longed needed with the updates at the schools. One, Hobza said, is solid wood, just four years old and in great condition with all the hardware still attached.

There are two scoreboards. One from the NBC football field that unfolds to be 18 feet long and eight feet wide. There is an aluminum holder and Pepsi sign that went with it that Hobza thinks will be sold separately.

The other score board is from the old gym and was used in basketball and wrestling.

“We are just getting rid of stuff,” Hobza said. “The rent is too high to store ‘junk.’”

But what is one man’s junk is another’s treasure. And there is a lot of either here.

There are chairs, mostly metal and plastic from the 70s and 80s. No antiques, Hobza said.

Step stools from the old science rooms are available as well as desk and chair combos from classrooms. There are teacher desks, at least one is wooden, though the majority are metal.

Unique items on the auction block include book shelves, Little Tikes basketball hoops, a folded up bed and a copy machine.

Brad Martindale will be conducting the auction. You can go to his web site, and click on “auctions” then click on “surplus school auction” to see photographs of some of the items.

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