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Mariann von Rein checks on her garden just north of North Bend. She was selected to be the grand marshall at the Fremont 4-H parade.

Volunteer von Rein honored as Fremont parade grand marshall

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 7/9/14

Mariann von Rein is a person of many talents. Many people know of her for her years serving at North Bend Central teaching and coaching speech and drama events, and after her retirement in 2007 from teaching, judging at one acts and speech competition on the local, district and state level.

But there is another side to von Rein. Her summer side. Her 4-H involvement. And for this involvement von Rein is was named Grand Marshall of the 84th annual Fremont 4-H/John C. Fremont parade.

Von Rein joined 4-H as an 8-year-old. She was active in her club near Meadow Grove. She did everything – sewing, baking, and showing cattle. During college she worked summers as a 4-H aide at the Madison County Extension Office. Her daughters all joined the North Bend Merry Maidens 4-H Club when they were eight and put in their ten years. Her youngest graduated from high school and 4-H in 2003.

“When her girls were members of Merry Maidens I could always count on (Marianne’s) parental involvement,” long time Merry Maidens 4-H Club leader Carol Bohling said. “Anyone who gives 20-plus years, and continues her involvement after her children outgrew 4-H, shows how important it was to her children and how important it is to continue it for other children.”

Von Rein said it is far from work.

“I do this stuff because I enjoy it,” von Rein said. “I enjoy being around youth.”

When her daughters were in 4-H there was the usual appeal for volunteers, and von Rein answered the call. She has been assistant food superintendent or food superintendent at the 4-H Fair for over 20 years.

“I enjoy it,” von Rein said. “I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t.”

Von Rein’s volunteering isn’t just a summer-time obligation. She helps with public speaking contest in April and favorite foods competition in early spring in several counties. She has been called to judge not only in Dodge County, but also in Platte, Washington, Burt and Cuming counties, as well as the Fremont 4-H Fair and the Nebraska State Fair.

Her favorite area as a kid was the baking part of 4-H. A coat she made in high school was recently brought out for a “look back at the past” fashion show in her hometown.

As a judge, von Rein said one of the best things is the unique recipes that the kids come up with. She often will copy good ones. Recently it was a rhubarb bread recipe she found. She also enjoys the interviewing aspect of judging.
The winters are not time off for von Rein. She judges one acts in the fall, speech contests from January to March and the 4-H speech contest in April.

Von Rein volunteers in her church as sponsor of the youth club at the North Bend Presbyterian Church. Then there are her grandmother duties she so enjoys doing.

“This recognition is really nice, but I don’t do all this for the recognition,” von Rein said. “I feel this recognition is really to recognize all volunteers at county fairs and all the time they give to the youth.”

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