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  Tree planting
Harvey Ladehoff, Gary Schlapfer and Ken Sorenson and the Tuesday morning NBGC golf league planted a tree near the No. 2 tee box to honor David Herout, who was killed in the June 16 tornado.

Golfers honor league player

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 9/10/14

Harvey Ladehoff of North Bend, Gary Schlarer, Ken Sorenson, both from Fremont, and David Herout of Clarkson were a foursome in the Tuesday men’s league at the North Bend Golf Course. They also frequently played other weekdays.

Herout, 74, had been coming to North Bend to play golf for about eight years. On June 16 he played golf until noon with the group. Herout then went to Linwood to pick up a delivery to take to the to the Pilger area, as he did twice a week.

He didn’t make it home. Just outside of Pilger he met up with the EF4 tornado that hit Pilger and was the storm’s second victim.

Herout was a retired postal worker and bar owner who liked to play golf.

“He was a lovely man who listened to grade school kids read in the Clarkson grade school,” Schlapfer said. “His golf game was not the best but he was always first to congratulate anyone of us on a great shot and discount his nice shots and chalk them up to pure luck. He always hit last off the tee and kept score for our group.”

To honor his memory, the Tuesday morning golf league at North Bend Golf Course bought an Autumn Blaze Maple from Siffring Landscape in Fremont and had it on the second hole of the course.

“It was the hole David ‘hated’ the most because he hit so many golf balls into the little creek that runs in front of the 100 yard long hole,” Schlapfer said. “It became a running joke with our group and we knew he would appreciate the irony.”

Schlapfer, Ladehoff and Sorenon organized the Tuesday Men’s League to memoralize Herout with the tree and plaque.

“The golf balls around the base of the tree are all Callaways as that is brand of ball that David played, many of which met a soggy fate at the bottom of the creek!” Schlapfer said. “The tree serves as a reminder of the gentle man we still miss so much.”

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