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New technology to reach every student

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 10/22/14

The North Bend Central Board of Education met Oct. 13 for its regular monthly meeting.

The board met Nicole Rasmussen, an IT assistant working with Jim Cody. She demonstrated how she has updated the school web site.

Cody spoke to the board on the use of the computers by students. He said presently there is one computer for every one to two students in the school and teachers are using them more all the time.

A discussion was held on technology needed in the newly constructed areas. Placement of televisions for the concession stand and in the lobby of the new gym for digital signage and watching the game in process.

The board moved to purchase cameras to increase the safety and security of the school. Cody said there are presently 51 cameras in use.

Cody said he has had to update the software as the old software was only made to handle 50 cameras. The new software can handle 100 camera. Cody said that at least 35 more cameras are needed in the two school sites.

High school principal Brenda Petersen spoke to the board about the school improvement update. They have come up with a new mission statement “Building Success Together” and are still working on steps to take to fulfill the vision of the school. Petersen has talked to other schools who have brought in a new mission and vision. She said that it is a big step for the school, with everyone needing to be “on the same page” in their methods of instruction.

The board took a tour of the new construction. They discussed the placement of the tiger statue being donated by the late Sylvia Slavik and her son Ed Slavik. The statue base will be eight foot long. It was decided to try to come up with a moveable base so that the statue can be moved until a permanent place can be found that works in the flow of traffic.

The board decided to ask contractor to do minimal landscaping now and they will return to the subject in spring.

Rick Hobza is reusing five carts he found in storage to make them into condiment trays to move the condiments away from the concession stand.
It was noted that there is a hydraulic oil spill on the concrete front entrance of the new gym. DR Anderson said they will clean it up.

Bleachers for the new gym will arrive to be installed starting Oct. 27. It will take two weeks to install. Next the elementary gym bleachers will be installed. Lastly, the bleachers in the original gym will be removed and new ones installed. This will not be completed by the first basketball games. Petersen said they will hold all four games in the new gym the first game. The present gym will need to be ready by Dec. 14 for the elementary school program.

The board met two new teachers, Craig Schmeckpeper and Bernie Nicola.

In other business the board:
• passed a policy regarding enrollment of resident and non-resident students, including homeless students wanting to attend NBCPS. This is a federally mandated policy.
• heard a report on multicultural activities at the schools
• lawyers are working on a liability forms to allow the public to use the new weight lifting and exercise equipment.

STUCO hosting blood drive

The NBC student council will host a blood drive at the high school Nov. 3.


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