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  Associated Repair
Alex Hamilton, Chaz and Michelle Stephenson, Paula Korth, Chris and Kirk Dolezal stand in front of the new sign for Associated Repair located in the old popcorn plant on the north edge of North Bend.

Dolezal seizes opportunity to open shop in hometwon

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 10/8/14

Kirk Dolezal got a few good things out of his time in the Army. Number one was his wife, Chris. Number two was training as a diesel mechanic. And he is making the most of both in his new business in North Bend.

Dolezal opened up a shop two months ago in North Bend to service this area with his diesel mechanic knowledge. The shop is located in the old popcorn plant on the north side of town. The business, Associated Repairs, is a joint effort of Dolezal and Chaz Stephenson.

Stephenson works with Hampl Transportation in Morse Bluff and owns 13 trucks of his own. Dolezal has been working with Stephenson in his spare time keeping the Hampl and Stephenson trucks in running order. Now that Dolezal has his own space and he is in North Bend full time, he wants to begin working on other trucks.

Dolezal grew up in North Bend and brought his own family back to North Bend when he left the Army in 1995. He has stayed in Nebraska except for a couple of years when he worked in Florida before returning to North Bend in 2004.

Dolezal has been working at a shop in Lyons since then as well as working with Stephenson. Six months ago they found out about the Mullally’s buying the old popcorn plant. The large building on the northwest edge of the site offered a large work area for handling trucks. Mullally’s build the ramp to get the trucks into the building and they were good to go.

Dolezal has diagnostic computers to get into trucks. He plans to do mostly diesel truck work, leaving the car work to the established businesses in town.

“We’ll let them do their stuff and we’ll do ours,” Dolezal said.

An office area is being built in the corner of the shop. Chris Dolezal will be doing the bookkeeping and Paula Korth will serve as the receptionist. Also employed is Alex Hamilton as a helper, with Dolezal doing on-the-job training for him.
Dolezal will continue to do the repair work for Stephenson, but he said there is plenty of room for others.

“Our rates will be a lot less than others because we won’t have the overhead,” Dolezal said.

Dolezal looks forward to more time home with his family with the long drive taken out of his work day. He is hoping to offer truckers and farmers a nearby place to have their trucks worked on.

“I wanted to work in North Bend because I like the town,” Dolezal said. “Now I have that opportunity.”

Dolezal can be contacted at 352-551-9994 or 352-551-9995.

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