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VFW muralCheryl Feala and Kendra Voss stand in front of a mural they painted in the VFW Hall.

Feala, Voss upgrade VFW room with mural

by Lincoln Arneal
Published 5/7/14

The people have no faces and the pictures are a mismatch of military scenes from different times and wars, and it’s just the way Cheryl Feala and Kendra Voss wanted.

Feala and Voss worked together to paint a new mural on a wall in the redecorated meeting room inside the VFW Hall. The mural features three different military scenes above the words Land, Air and Sea.

“We knew we wanted something to represent the three different words,” Feala said. “We wanted the people to be indistinct and we wanted to represent different eras.”

The mural features army soldiers honoring fallen comrades, two fighter pilots exiting their planes and sailors in front of a World War II battleship.

The mural is just part of a fresh look that includes all new paint, detailing and new display cases for the room. The carpets were also cleaned for the first time in multiple decades.

It took Feala and Voss a month of periodic work to complete the mural. Feala, said she did it for what it represents.

“It is a way to give back,” said Feala, who was a nurse in Vietnam. “It shows that patriotism isn’t dead.”

Voss has ties to the military too as her cousin, Lee, completed a tour in Iraq and her father was in the Army reserves.

Creating the mural took an improvised artistic method. First, they tried to use an overhead projector, but the images weren’t sharp. So they projected a silhouette onto the wall and finished the details freehand. Then they painted the image with three coats to get the colors just right.

The mural is part of a bigger project to update the VFW Hall. VFW commander Jerry Halladay said he didn’t think the meeting room had been touched since the VFW moved into the building in the early 1990s. Feala said they have hopes for updates in other parts of the building over the next few years.

Halladay said the new room is designed to be used by a wide array of groups.
“It shouldn’t just be for the VFW or AMVETS,” he said. “We want the community to use this room.”

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