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Accreditation visit goes well, NBC board told

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 3/19/14

At its monthly meeting the North Bend Central Board of Education heard from high school principal Brenda Petersen regarding the recent AdvancED visit for accreditation. North Bend’s high school has been accredited since 1919.

Recently a five-person external review team spent two days at the school. The accreditation team looks at systemic, systematic and sustainable improvement to the school. Accreditation helps when students transfer their credits from one AdvancED school to any other school accredited by AdvancED, which most schools are. The team conducted 42 interviews with administrators, teachers, support staff, students and six parents. The team gave an exit presentation showing where NBC was doing extremely well and opportunities for improvement. The one required action they suggested was to “create a systemic process that utilizes student performances data to guide instructional practices and improve student learning.”

Petersen said that requirement leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

“(The required action) is so broad that we can do many things with it,” Petersen said.

In two years NBC will have to report back to AdvancED to show what has been done to reach this goal.

Petersen commended math teacher Terri Jelinek for the assistance she provided filling out the many forms the school had to submit prior to the visit.

“Terri Jelinek was designated time to assist with the school improvement process,” Petersen said. “She served as the point person for the visit. Prior to the visit, she spent countless hours completing the needed documentation required by AdvancED. The documents included assessment results, survey data, and many narratives as directed by AdvancED. Terri was vital to the success of this visit.”

The board also received an update on the new construction. Bob Soukup of Carson West Provonda Architects said that the science wing has the siding and roof up. Soukup said that new science rooms on the east side of the school will probably get done first so the science classes can vacate the old rooms where construction will begin to convert the old science rooms into regular classrooms.

The rest rooms in the southeast hall is close to finished. Then they will start on the rest rooms in the northwest hall.

“Overall, we are a little behind because of the weather,” Soukup said, “but I think they will catch up when the weather turns.”

Endorf pointed out that the construction crew took some time off last week when it was so cold but was on site Saturday when the weather was nice.

The board discussed card access for the new doors. Card access can be timed and uniquely made for each employee according to his or her needs. If lost, the card can be deleted from the system so it is not usable.

All of the new construction will have the hardware to be card accessible. The board voted to authorize Prime Communication — the same company they used in 2011 to make card access possible in existing buildings — to electronically make the new doors part of the card accessible system. It was decided to get an estimate from Prime Communication for installing security cameras and motion detectors in the present building.

Soukup showed what the new gym will look like stripped for basketball and volleyball. A dozen drawings of a tiger drawn in the middle of the gym were considered. None were acceptable, so it was decided to put the words “NBC Tigers” in the center of the gym floor.

Petersen said she has been talking with teachers about items they will need next year with all the moving, such as desks and pencil sharpeners. Endorf said they need to be ordered as soon as possible so they will be here when school starts. NBC will use the state pricing resource to get the best value.

In other business the board:
• Authorized Endorf to solicit bids for a new bus.
• Looked at summer projects, tabling most of the ones not dealing with the new construction.
• Accepted the resignation from elemntary teacher Jane Mehaffey.
• Hired Craig Schmeckpeper as P.E., strength and conditioning teacher.
• Hired Tate Erbst as Industrial Arts teacher.
• Hired Bernard Nicola as science teacher.

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