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North Bend Area Communtiy Foundatoin needs help unwrapping gift

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 6/25/14

The North Bend Area Community Foundation has recently received a special gift, but it is going to need some help from area citizens before it can take off the wrapping paper.

An anonymous donor has given $10,000 to the Foundation, $5,000 in 2014 and another $5,000 in 2015. But the gift comes with strings. Strings the North Bend-Morse Bluff community has dealt with before. To receive the gift, a matching $5,000 must be raised each year. This is were you can get the joy of giving.

In 2005 a similar goal was reached with the challenge to raise $10,000 in matching funds from the Fremont Area Community Foundation. The North Bend-Morse Bluff community and those who have an affection for the community, donated in excess of the goal. The Foundation board is once again appealing to the community.

“I hope that many generous donors will be able to take advantage of this matching gift,” NBACF board president Pat Beebe said. “It is a perfect time to double your money and support your community. We are very grateful to the donor for the faith shown in the future of North Bend.”

These funds will be added to the assets the NBACF has, with the earning being used for grants to help the community. These grants are a way to provide for the future of the community, its school children and the community itself.

The NBACF is a component fund of the Fremont Area Community Foundation, which provides a tax saving for all donations since FACF is a qualified tax-exempt charitable organization.

Though the $10,000 is a nice donation, donations of any size are welcomed. Ten dollar donations are just as important as the $1,000 donation to meet the goal.

A donation of $1,025 has already been made to give a jump start to the matching goal.

Donations do not have to be in dollars. Stock certificates, grain, other agriculture products, land — any donation that can be converted into cash is acceptable. All will be tax deductible based on the full market value, but the donor will not have to pay taxes on capital gains. Dollar-for-dollar, each donation will be matched up to $10,000, and will be a contribution to the future of our community.

Charitable donations, grants, that NBACF has given have made a difference in our community is such areas as the new library, speakers at local schools, Veteran’s Park, the children’s park in Morse Bluff, town celebrations, Knights of Columbus newspaper collection, computer programs for students, and many more.

Donations can be made by dropping off a check at Platte Valley Bank or mailing it to North Bend Area Community Foundation, Tom Wolf, treasurer, P.O. Box 500, North Bend, NE 68649.

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