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Board walks thorugh organized mess of construction

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 6/18/14

The North Bend Central Board of Education began its meeting with a walk through the high school to see the progress in construction. Architect Bob Soukup was there to guide the tour. The front office has now been torn down and being rebuilt in a new shape. The north hallway rest rooms are in the process of being remodeled and will look just like the bathrooms in the south hall.

Old science roomsSchool board members Jeff Bauer and Dan Wesley listen to superintendaent Dan Endorf expalin the future of the former NBC science rooms.

The northern half of the old science rooms have all been gutted and shaped into new special education rooms. A laundry room and shower are being built in these rooms to be used to teach life skills.

In the south half of the old science room is a large room with no specific use defined. The room has storage for 100 stackable chairs that have been ordered.

“It has all kinds of flexibility,” superintendent Dan Endorf said.

The board spent a lot of time discussing drainage on the south side of
the new activity center at the elementary school. There is a narrow space that may present drainage problems with large rains. There will be a sidewalk with a slight depression in the center to manage the normal rain drainage. If a 100-year rain comes, water draining into the multipurpose room needs to be avoided. It
was decided that an additional trenched drainage ditch with grated covers will be placed in the area.

The board approved five change orders in areas of construction, changes warranted when the construction reached these different areas.

In non-construction business, Brenda Petersen and Caryn Ziettlow told the board about changes in each school’s handbook. They said that most of the changes were updates in wording or changes needed with the new construction. Some special allowances were made for the sixth graders in the middle school. The sixth graders will not be involved in middle school athletics nor dances.

The board had a first reading on board policies covering early retirement, grade classification, student competition, attendance policy, concussion awareness, volunteer coaches, e-cigarettes and safe pupil transportation.

Superintendent Endorf said that they have had people interested in purchasing the house on the land east of the elementary school. The present occupants are planning on leaving in July. At that time the board will decide what to do with the house.

The next meeting will be July 14 at 7:30 p.m.

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