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Community important to new pharmacy owners

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 6/4/14

A good feeling in the community was one of the selling points that four pharmacists from Omaha felt when they were looking into buying the former Ron’s Pharmacy in North Bend.

New pharmacy ownersJed Lewis and Mitch Staiger stand in front of the former Ron's Pharmacy that will be renamed Medicine Man. These two and their partners purchased the business May 23.

“There was so much positive energy in the community,” pharmacist Mitch Staiger said. “There is a good foundation, good reputation. People were proud and happy to be from North Bend and we wanted to keep moving with this. We are here to help the community grow.”

Staiger, along with Jed Lewis, Doug Pick and Dan Billerbeck, are partners in the Medicine Man Pharmacy at 132nd and Dodge in Omaha.

Staiger is a native of Minnesota that graduated from Creighton University College of Pharmacy in 2012. He worked the last two years at a pharmacy in Minnesota.

Lewis was a classmate of Staiger’s at Creighton. He has been working in the Medicine Man Pharmacy in Omaha since graduation. When expansion was being discussed, Lewis approached Staiger, and he moved back to Omaha. The group looked at other pharmacies in small towns before settling on North Bend.
Staiger has been working at the pharmacy since the paperwork was completed May 23. Lewis will work more in North Bend after the birth of his first child, due any day.

Pick will fill in occasionally as he has a home at Riverview Shores, west of North Bend. The pharmacist who filled in for Ron Schindler, Lynette Zeisler and Carol Zikmund, will also help out occasionally.

There are a few minor changes. The front room will continue to carry the gift items. One change will be the daily sign-in and drawing of a name to give a cash prize, something Schindler initiated when he took over the pharmacy in 1972. It will no longer be held but something, yet to be determined, will replace it. A new sign has been ordered and will be up soon.

The hours they are open will remain unchanged, with closure from 12:30 to 1 p.m. and Saturday afternoon. They are going to solicit input from the community before changing hours the store is open.

They are contemplate adding a delivery service and will continue the mailing service to out of town customers that Schindler offered.

The owners plan to be involved in the community, as they are in their Omaha business.

“We’ve had a nice welcome from the people,” Staiger said. “It’s very nice for us to see and feel welcomed. We’re here for the community.”

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