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Schneider fulfills life dream at Corner Café

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 6/4/24

Beth Schneider always dreamed of owning her own business.
“This is what I’ve wanted to do my whole life,” Schneider, 52, said. “I’ve looked at other types of businesses, but this is what I love to do. This is when I’m happiest.”

As of June 1, Schneider is the manager of Corner Café, taking over from retiring Darrel and Mary Ritenour.

Corner Cafe ownerBeth Schneider is the new manager of the Corner Café in North Bend.

A native of Olathe, Kan., Bryon and Beth Schneider moved to Snyder 19 years ago for his job. He has since changed jobs and now works at Hormel. It was at Hormel that Bryon talked with coworker Junior Ritenour and found out about the his parents wanted to retire from the North Bend café.

Beth worked at different jobs as she raised her family. She worked mostly as a cook, but helped out in other areas as needed, at Addies in Snyder and Hilltop Lanes in Dodge. She was looking into a different restaurant when she heard the Corner Café was available, and pursued that opportunity.

“This was a better situation than the other,” Schneider said. “So it’s a blessing.”

The Ritenours are going to help Schneider as needed, with ordering, Sundays and others during June, then she’ll be on her own. She admits that there is a lot to remember, to keep track of, but looks at it as a learning experience. Schneider said she’ll help out wherever needed, but hopes to do mostly the cooking eventually.

“I’m having to get more organized and disciplined,” she said.

Another adjustment she will have to make is getting up in the morning. She admits she is not a morning person.

Schneider said she has had a warm welcome from the community, telling her they were glad someone was taking over for the Ritenours.

The staff will remain the same, but will be wearing matching shirts soon. Her youngest child, Rachel, 19, who is a sophomore at Northeast Community College, is helping out during the summer.

She and her husband have six children between them and seven gradchildren. Her older daughter, Jessica Alswager, who lives in Columbus, is going to help with the computer items.

She has plans to make minor changes to the menu, but it will be mostly same as before. She is going to add a “dessert of the day” to the menu and add dinner items to the Sunday buffet later in the morning. Schneider has the goal of having as much homemade items a possible: desserts, pies, potatoes and even the salad dressings.

Schneider does plan to repaint the walls and change the decor some as soon as she can get all her volunteers together. She has on order a baby changing table to be installed in the women’s rest room.

Schneider said they will not be doing catering for large events. She wouldn’t mind doing a dish, like a large order of fried chicken, but she is not ready to cater at this time.

Night owl or not, Schneider has not had difficulty getting to the Corner Café by 6 a.m.

“It’s my business,” she said. “I have had to get up before for a job I didn’t really like. So it’s not so bad now getting up at 4 a.m. to get to a job I love.”

Schneider looks forward to the challenge of running a business on a daily basis and making sure everything runs smoothly.

“No matter how busy I get, I say bring it on. I get in my groove and take care of any challenges.”

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