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Leroy's robbed, trashed

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 1/8/13

Leroy’s Steakhouse on the east edge of North Bend was broken into sometime between Sunday, Dec. 29, evening when they closed around 10 p.m. and the morning of Monday, Dec. 30. The robbery was discovered by Leroy’s manager Brian Jurgens when he went to take steaks out of the freezer to thaw for New Year’s Eve dinners.

“He put his key in the door too easily,” said Brian’s wife and co-manager, Julie Jurgens. “He knew something was not right.”

Sgt. Mike Ough of the Dodge County Sheriff’s department said that they were on the scene at 10:30 a.m. Monday.

DamageLeroy's office was one of the areas damaged in the resturant.

Jurgens said it appears that a small person broke and climbed in through a window then let others in through the door.

Jurgens thinks it was more than one person as they worked for over an hour on the safe in the office — a safe never used.

“I don’t think Leroy and Barb (Bird) even used it,” Jurgens said.

The Birds previously owned the restaurant, formerly known as the Rawhide Steakhouse. It is now owned by David Bird of Elkhorn.

The robbers trashed the restaurant office and broke a 60-inch television they were unable to remove.

In the office they found the stash of high-end liquor – four bottles of Crown Royal and one of Grey Goose – that Jurgens kept there. In the bar area the robbers helped themselves to seven to eight bottles of liquor stored beneath the bar.

The cash register, which only contained change, was also damaged as the robbers broke it open. They also took the rolls of change stored in the office. A computer monitor was also broken

“They did damage to more stuff than they took,” Jurgens said.

By the end of the week the Jurgens had taken inventory and figured that $3,600 of damage was done.

The business does have insurance and are working with the sheriff department in searching for the intruders.

Owner Bird said that the restaurant was broken into eight years ago, with similar results: damage but no great loss.

“One bit of advice my dad gave me was to leave the cash register open when we closed for the night,” Bird said. “That way, a robber could open the drawer and see that no cash was in there. Unfortunately, we didn’t follow his advice because we closed the register drawer the night we got robbed. The robbers picked up the register and through it on the floor and broke it. No money was in it but they broke our machine. I guess father knows best. I’m learning more-and-more that he had a lot of good advice.”

Bird said that they consider themselves lucky with the amount of damage they incurred.

“Considering the isolated damage, our New Year’s Eve night was not affected,” Bird said. “In fact, it was our busiest night ever. “

Bird did say they will make some security changes to help prevent this from happening again.

Ough said that the investigation is still in progress and if anyone has information they should call the sheriff’s office at 402-652-3535.

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