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Construction changes approved

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 2/19/14

The North Bend Central Board of Education held its monthly meeting approving bills.

“As the construction project progresses I’m increasingly confident that we have the finances in order to manage the cost,” superintendent Dan Endorf said.

Bob Soukup, architect with Carson West Povondra, spoke to the board about the accomplishments in the construction. Soukup brought the PotentialChange Order list to the board for its approval. Some of the PCOs were to the school’s credit and some were additional cost. Members of the board on the construction committee met with the architect and general contractor to discuss changes.

“We didn’t see one we could hardly avoid,” board member Francis Emanuel said.

Most PCOs were requested by Rick Hobza or Kevin Ferguson who saw the need for something as construction progressed. Examples include hot and cold hydrants in the locker room showers to be able to clean the showers and additional bottle filling stations and gas conduit for the science lab fumes hoods.

The board approved the list.

Soukup said there continues to be progress even with the cold weather. The new gymnasium has a tenting over the blocks to keep them at 32 degrees or above so that the construction can continue in that area.

Soukup said that the metal building for the elementary school’s all-purpose room should arrive in mid to late March. If there would be a break in the weather the footings could be poured. The metal building could be put up and the brick and blocks in the lower part done later.

A list of network and communication needs to include with the new construction was put together by Jim Cody and presented to the board. The cost, $43,400 for the network wiring, cable, switches, controllers, support systems was approved as well as the $3,525 for the communications items, phones, clocks, etc.

The board approved the increase in drivers’ education rates to $180 for district students (including those who option in) and $260 for out-of-district students. This will still keep NBC drivers’ ed among the most inexpensive in the East Husker Conference.

Board members Gary Vyhlidal and Dan Wesely met Jan. 2 with representatives from the Scribner-Snyder school district to discuss co-opping in basketball. A letter was received Jan. 28 from SS superintendent Ginger Meyer stating that they were no longer interested in co-opping with NBC because Scribner-Snyder wants to be able to host some of the combined team games at their facility.

In other business the board:

• discussed summer projects
• heard that there will be a accreditation visit in two weeks. Principal Brenda Petersen said they were ready for this visit.
The next meeting of the board of education will be March 10 at 7 p.m.

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