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City considering preventative maintenance on sewer

by Nathan Arneal
Published 2/12/14

At its February 4 meeting, the North Bend City Council heard a proposal to start a preventative maintenance program on the city’s sewer system.

Brent Anderson, a representative of PeopleService who oversees North Bend’s water and sewer system, proposed the idea of cleaning and running a camera through the sewer lines throughout town, with the possible exception of the newer areas on the west side.

“What I want for them to come in and do is jet the mains and run a camera up and down,” Anderson said. “Then we’ll find where all our deficiencies are, the cracks, the broken pipes, whatever.”

The company would also cut all the roots out of the lines as they go along. Anderson said finding and fixing the problems could prevent nasty sewer backups that sometimes occur. He also said the project will be expensive.

Anderson talked to three different companies who do such work and said the cost is about $1.85 a foot. With about 32,000 feet of sewer line, the city is looking at about $21,000 a year. Anderson suggested the project be broken into three years, covering a third of the city each year.

Councilman Tim Blackmon said he was concerned about spending all the money to do the cleaning and camera work then having no money left to repair the deficiencies they found. However, he said it would be good to do something.

“I don’t want to be like some towns who don’t ever do anything and suddenly it’s, ‘Oh my, we need a million dollars,’” Blackmon said.

Mayor Jeff Kluthe said he was a little leery of the price tag and needed more time to think about it.

“I’m not going to make a $60,000 decision in 10 minutes,” Kluthe said.

No action was taken on the proposal.

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