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Construction receiving final touches

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 6/6/06

The North Bend Central Board of Education met Dec. 8 and wrapped up a lot of business.

Bob Soukup, architect with Carlson West Povondra, reported that “punch” list – a list of items that need to be fixed – needs to be made in three more areas and then all areas of construction will have a list to finish and the construction will be completed. The last payment to D. R. Anderson Construction will be held until all lists are completed. At that time a one-year warranty will begin on all the school construction.

The brick mortar on the gym is still not satisfactory. The mason asked that it be allowed to sit for a while and take another look at it next spring.
Change orders were approved with a positive savings noted.

Caryn Ziettlow had attended the first junior high game in the multi purpose room at the elementary school. She mentioned that a free throw line on a side basket was a foot or two off from regulation. Soukup will draw that to the attention of appropriate people.

The board discussed the tectum, interior acoustic wall panels, for the elementary school multi-purpose room. The board decided to have the tectum 1.5 inches thick with insulation batting behind the panel for increased noise control.

The first reading of the Facilities and Grounds policy was done. The board decided to wait a while and see how things are working out with usage. The district lawyers have looked over the policy and are making two policies out of the one and writing an application for use of school facilities.

The board passed the capacity resolution for the coming year leaving it the same as last year: 47 students will be allowed for kindergarten to sixth grade and 65 for grades 7 to 12.

The board approved the building bills with the exception of the Nebraska Furniture Mart bill for the sound system in the new gym, which still has bugs to be worked out.

Board members Francis Emanuel, Jeff Peters and Dan Wesely gave a report on the Nebraska Association of School Boards annual convention, where they gave a standing-room only presentation titled “How to pass a bond in a rural school district.”

Superintendent Dan Endorf reported that the things they had been discussing to use the third and final preschool grant on would cost a lot more than expected. They will do further investigation before making any decision.
In other business, the board approved mid-term graduation for Ken Brickel.

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