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School board seeks gym floor with "pop"

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 8/20/14

The North Bend Public Schools Board of Education spent two hours discussing the logo that will be placed on the floor of the new gym at the high school Aug. 11.

Superintendent Dan Endorf and Carlson West Povondra architect Bob Soukup had sent a number of photos to board members of logos from college and high school gym floors.

Board member Jeff Peters had taken a poll of about 40 neighbors on which they liked best.

popNot this kind of pop

Board member Dan Wesely looked in to the possibility of having an actual photo of a tiger placed on the floor under layers of finish.

Board member Gary Vyhlidal said that what goes on the floor should be used in other places as the school’s primary logo.

NBC activities director Tony Allgood, a former art teacher, encouraged the board to consider the size of the logo. It should be big and bold with eye-catching colors and not be too busy, he said, as well as have a ‘pop’ effect when people first see it.

Peters encourage the board to do something no one had done before.
The floor will have lines for basketball, volleyball and two cross courts for practicing, making it pretty busy already. The board discussed whether to have letters or a tiger in the middle.

After much discussion the board agreed on a drawing found on the internet during their discussion. It was decided not to release the logo publicly until the gym opens.

In the final minutes of the discussion, it was decided to put the top contender of the lettering logos in the new elementary school gym.

In other building business, Soukup told the board that the State Fire Marshal has made his initial visit and listed 50 things that needed to be corrected. All except two have been done, and the remaining corrections will be made before the fire marshal makes his final visit. The architect and school representative are making a list of nicks and smudges that need to be fixed and cleaned. Soukup said construction on the interior classrooms are the focus to get ready for the Aug. 15 deadline. After the students are back, focus will be on the gyms and other areas.

Russ Koch, Facilities and Grounds Director for Fremont Public Schools, recommended that as little landscaping as possible be done now. He suggested using the area for few years, then seeing what needed to be done. Soukup also said that if a contractor tears up landscaping he is responsible for putting in back as he found it. This usually means sod. Endorf, Soukup and arboretum curator Bob Feurer will look over the areas and make a short-term and long-term plan for landscaping.

“Teachers are moving in,” Endorf said in reference to the classroom construction. “We are ahead of schedule.”

Elementary principal Caryn Ziettlow said that an open house is planned for Aug. 25, students in classes the 26th with preschool to start the 27th.

High school principal Brenda Petersen said that the teachers are moving into the new classrooms. There will be a meeting Aug. 18 to assign the new teachers a mentor to help them ease into NBC. An ice cream social is planned Aug. 21 for the middle school students.

Para Emma Trofholz resigned and Brooke Boyce will take her place at the elementary school. Gabby Schwanabeck has been hired for the middle school and high school and Summer Scott for the high school. Andrea Eveland has been hired as accompanist for the high school chorus.

In other business the board authorized superintendent Endorf to sell the house at 540 East 11th Street, just east of the elementary school. They would like it sold by Sept. 1 and moved by April 1.

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