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Old Settlers carnival wants more space before agreeing to 2015

by Nathan Arneal
Published 8/13/14

The D.C. Lynch Carnival wants more space before it agrees to come back for Old Settlers in 2015.

The carnival, which has provided rides and entertainment for the annual North Bend celebration for decades, usually sets up on 11th Street along the south side of the city park. D.C. Lynch wants to extend its setup onto Locust Street, which runs on the west side of the park.

“It’s a situation where they really feel cramped in the places they are in,” Rod Johnson said.

The North Bend Chamber of Commerce organizes Old Setters and Johnson is the Chamber’s liaison with the carnival. He attended the Aug. 5 city council meeting to request permission to close the portion of Locust Street during Old Settlers.

Johnson said D.C. Lynch usually signs a contract during Old Settlers to work the celebration the following year. This year, the carnival would not sign a contract for 2015 unless its was given more space to operate. The carnival manager told Johnson there were a few rides they didn’t have room to set up, and the carnival workers had to be paid even if their rides weren’t operating.
Johnson said D.C. Lynch is the best carnival available and is a vital part of the Old Setters experience.

“The Chamber doesn’t even pick a date (for Old Settlers) until the carnival says this is when we’re coming,” he said.

The additional space for the carnival would run from the intersection of 11th and Locust at the southwest corner of the park and run about three-quarters of a block north on Locust. The carnival would end before a gate that allows vehicle access to the park.

One possible sticking point in the plan is that the extended carnival would block the driveways of two homeowners for the three days of Old Settlers.

The council said it would talk the situation over with the affected homeowners and get back to the Chamber.

Johnson also said the carnival also wants to open on Friday night of Old Settlers. In past year’s, D.C. Lynch has set up Friday morning, but has only operated on Saturday and Sunday.

North Bend is a town of about 1,200 two miles north of Morse Bluff.

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